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With the Webcam Simulator XP Edition download not only a webcam can be simulated, a data exchange is facilitated in many cases.

A video chat without webcam - is that possible? Yes, albeit with a few limitations. The Webcam Simulator installed on your computer a virtual webcam that is recognized by a wide variety of messenger programs as a real camera. However, pre-recorded video, or your personal photo collection is played in place of current recordings.

The Webcam Simulator XP Edition download supports all common messenger programs such as Yahoo, MSN, AOL or Skype. The installation on your system presents economical, webcam simulator takes up little space and is just as controlled as a real webcam. For this, the software includes a number of built filters and settings to render the footage shown video chat compatible, or display. So is barely visible to the chat partner that it is not about real real-time recording.

Although the Webcam Simulator is widely regarded as a gimmick, so he has also a very practical use. So the software can be used to share videos, without having to host advance on its own server or send directly. Especially with larger files, such as recordings of the last birthday celebration, this makes perfect sense. The only downside for some users that the Webcam Simulator XP Edition is available in English only. In practice, however, the program presented as user-friendly and self-explanatory that possible language barriers falling rapidly.

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