Watchdogs 2 in the test: Hacker sandbox for inventors and creative thinkers

In Watch Dogs 2 you can chop anything that is not at three in flight mode finally. Also I have diligently hacked into the keyboard and tell you the test of whether Ubisoft has managed to address the criticism of the first part of an entertaining, modern open world deliver.

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Big Brother is watching. Well, not really Big Brother, but some for millions of Little Brothers. The internet of things and everything is connected: cell phones, televisions, cameras, computers, tablets. This network is managed by the flower Coperation that using their monitoring system CTOs 2.0 only want your best: your data. Because that can be not only profitably sell to advertisers, but also helps to create a detailed profile of every citizen to help. You smoke or rarely play sports? That should your health insurance interest, time to increase contributions. Are you a talented hackers and could - in theory - be a threat to flower and its monitoring network? Reason enough to classify you purely prophylactic dangerous criminals.

The latter happened to Marcus Holloway, a young black hacker from San Francisco. Clear that he can not sit up. Without further ado, he breaks with flower and deletes itself from the system, after which it is recruited by the hacker collective DedSec. The talented hipster band has been working for some time to flower and with the talented Marcus in luggage have to finally create a chance of Organsiaton finally the craft.

The members of DedSec are heavily oversubscribed, yet lovable.The members of DedSec are heavily oversubscribed, yet lovable.

The game world

The DedSec members are a hip, colorful troupe. They knock casual sayings juggle with references to movies, series and computer games and are in everything they do ultra cool. This may not be for everyone, especially since this behavior sometimes badly placed and exaggerated acting. Especially the German translation suffers. But too seriously Watchdogs 2 does not pretend to be taken and thus clearly distancing itself from the grim predecessor from. This is also reflected in the game world noticeable, because unlike the dreary Chicago the first part sunshine, beaches and lots of waiting in San Francisco Palmen, young technology visionaries is excluded Silicon Valley. And under this loose and satirical scenario, the overwrought characters work after some familiarization quite well.

You can explore the huge game world from the beginning. Watchdogs 2 breaks the chains of the stale Ubisoft formula and dispensed collecting tasks and erklimmende towers. Also quick trips to the many cafes, shops and bars are available from the start. That's a good thing, because in the virtual San Francisco, there is plenty to do to lay flower crafts. In the first place it comes to gather followers that use the DedSec app. After installing the app they provide DedSec part of their processing power is available. The more followers, the more processing power and therefore more powerful hacks. Translated into the game mechanics meet the followers experience points with which new skills and improved capabilities can unlock.

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the missions

uses these skills you in countless and varied missions. Mostly it involves giving to chop heavily guarded servers and computers. How you achieve this, you is entirely up to the process watchdog 2 does not take you by the hand but lets your creativity run wild. In general, three play styles can be distinguished. As an aggressor You approach the target with the force of arms, need you in return but with a lot of resistance and reinforcement to deal with. As fluid as in the genre competitor GTA 5, the shootings but not play on the gamepad I have the fiddly fights as well as he avoided. Significantly more accessible and more exciting to sneak into the enemy's territories. In this case, Marcus hiding behind all sorts of cover options and the guards directs preferably from via cell phone hack.

Thanks to remote controlled jumper most missions succeed even from a safe distance.Thanks to remote controlled jumper most missions succeed even from a safe distance.

The most elegant way to the data to come, however, is not only to enter the secured area itself. Either Marcus chops from camera to camera, to get at the hidden data or - if a little more dexterity is required - he sends his jumper ahead. The jumper is a small wheeled robot that can make creating, thanks to its robotic arm on most servers. With the little helpers to thwart a hostile territory to distract patrolling opponents by Hack and ensure the data you are looking at the end without falling or a single shot Marcus even a foot has set in the face Erten complex is a great feeling. In these moments watchdogs shines second

One problem with the above-mentioned shootings, is also that this so do not fit into the casual do-gooder atmosphere to it DedSec all about. Melee attacks are always fatal, and Marcus can make a number of weapons thanks 3D printer, but really it DedSec at the end of the day, but that, to denounce injustice and greed, educate the public and uncover conspiracies. Although Watchdogs 2 leaves the Ubisoft formula behind him and thus goes a big and necessary step forward, missing apparently still the courage to present themselves as a game and not as GTA alternative. Who plays completely without force of arms, not only experiences the better and more exciting game, but also the more immersive.

5 useful skills in Watch Dogs 2

Additional missions and Zeitgeist

Even the side missions well know to entertain, but are ultimately much simpler than the story-orders. They tell nice little stories that blend wonderfully organically into the gaming experience. So you come across most of the side missions by hacking passersby while encounters emails or audio recordings. Their content, such that a greedy pharmaceutical millionaire essential drugs too absurd overpriced sold, in turn, attracted the attention of DedSec. Time to obliterate the guy one.

By phone you can access various missions and useful apps.By phone you can access various missions and useful apps.

sounds familiar to whom the situation need not be surprised, because the greed throat is based clearly on Martin Shkreli that in 2015 prices for hepatitis C drugs raised disproportionately and had before ultimately answerable in court. Such references to real scandals and companies are ubiquitous in watchdog second So sitting in Silicon Valley, of course, the market-leading search engine company nudle, the app Driver SF Carpooling offers, on the Internet a trailer runs for Cyber ​​Driver-Film based on an eighties television series with a talking car, and a little off the city center resides the celebrity cult New Dawn, a clear dig at Scientology.

My test Conclusion on watchdogs 2

Watchdogs 2 is the better game in every way than its predecessor. The mission design motivated to creative solutions, the game allows the now heavily graying Ubisoft formula behind and provides an entertaining and winking look at contemporary privacy issues. but negative fall on the shootings that feel neither satisfactory nor really fit into the scenario. Creeping players are not optimally served since as unconscious guards can not be hidden. The much heralded seamless multiplayer shines so far even with the absence, since it had to be temporarily disabled even before the launch due to technical difficulties. Who gets involved in the shrill scenario like to try and puzzled and not instead As for the missions by force of arms but with technical sophistication, will have lots of fun with watchdogs. 2

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Watchdogs 2 is erhätlich for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since 15 November. The PC version will be released on 29 November.


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