Prey: treasure hunt – Locations of all treasure maps and puzzle solutions

at &Treasure Hunt; # 8220&# 8221; is it a side mission in Prey, which sends you in search of treasure maps. These lead you turn where you learn the number of a four-digit code to a specific area on the Talos I. At the end of the treasure hunt with correct code entry beckons a special reward. We show you the localities of all four treasure maps and show you the way to the places to which they refer.

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The background of the treasure hunt is a pen & Paper role-playing game that have played five crew members of Talos I. While GM Abigail Foy has designed four Treasure cards that send the other four crew members on the search for code numbers that reveal a treasure at the end. Since the game was interrupted by the typhoon, it is now up to you to finish this mission.

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Start treasure hunt and find the cards

Starting point for the treasure hunt are the crew quarters. Here you can the mission either on the computers of Abigail Foy, Emma Beaty, Danielle Sho, Zachary West or Elias Black Start by you read the corresponding email.

prey-treasure hunt-mission startThe treasure hunt starts her example in the room by Danielle Sho in the crew quarters.


Then you should first Search all treasure maps, which are located in the following locations:

  • Emma Beaty's treasure map (Rosalyn Swift): This gets her Emma Beaty that is as foreign controlled man in the gym. The code for the area you get right next door to the computer of the concierges. You can go higher in the yellow tulip and dropped through a hole in the ground you there to get in the gym and a floor. then freed Emma Beaty of mind control or kill them to take the card to you.prey-treasure hunt-emmas-card
  • Danielle Sho's treasure map (Melindra Shadow Corner): You have to move you to the data center and enter the laboratory by Danielle Sho on the second level. Here you can download yourselves the treasure map on her computer.prey-treasure hunt-Danielle-card
  • Zachary West's treasure map (Hordinbaffle Flagdasterous): This treasure map will probably have picked up already before that in her. It is located in the body of Zachary West, which lies at the entrance to the data center. In Story course you come here automatically passed since Zachary also carries the key card to the crew quarters with him.prey-treasure hunt-Zachary-card
  • Elias Blacks treasure map (Alrik Staff Fellow): This card gets her back directly into the crew quarters. Make your way here on the second level of the recreational area where you find them on the large table. At this table, the five players who incidentally played their role play.prey-treasure hunt-Elias-card

Each of the cards will lead you with their notes for each of a number of four-digit codes, the you must enter the computer of GM Abigail Foy at the end to get the reward.

Important NOTE! The code is not fixed and may be different each time you play through. but he always consists of the four numbers 1, 3, 5 and 6. FIG. Possible combinations would say for example 1365, 3165, 3615 etc.

Puzzle solutions of treasure maps

The treasure maps show you each an area somewhere in the Talos and the eye with viewshed is what you also, where you have to stand up to you to discover the corresponding number on the wall. Look at the numbers it best by Psychoskop until you get displayed on the top left of the mission a corresponding target upgrade, only then it is in fact counted as discovered. The individual puzzle solutions of treasure maps are as follows:

  • Emma Beaty's treasure: Step into the cargo hold on life support and goes directly to the left. Downright you see the number on the wall before you.prey-treasure hunt-emmas-treasure
  • Danielle Sho's treasure: You have to G.U.T.S. area, which you best Step into on the Aboretum. then embark in the tube all the way down, looking at the end of the tunnel by a door that leads you into the tank system of the shuttle docks. Jump over the destroyed bridge and you the number discovered here in the right corner.prey-treasure hunt-Danielle-treasure
  • Zachary West's treasure: You have to water treatment plant in the preservation of life. About the main lift you can drive to preserve life from Aboretum from all the way down. In the water treatment plant, the number you see very large left behind on the wall.prey-treasure hunt-Zachary-treasure
  • Elias Blacks treasure: This number is very close to where the map. Just go back to the entrance of the crew quarters and left the stairs. Here you can enter the left with a recycler a small room. The number you see in front of you as you enter.prey-treasure hunt-Elias-treasure

Now you just need to go to the quarters of Abigail Foy and enter the numbers on her computer. In the menu you can once again check the order of the numbers on the mission in the goals.

Attention! Do not try to cheat and give the numbers only when ye have actually actively discovered and waiting at the corresponding locations. Otherwise, you get namely a debuff, of your reduced creep and attenuates the intensity of your flashlight.

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Reward for treasure hunting

Have you successfully the code to Abigail Foy&# 8217; s computer input, get her as a reward to &# 8220; Des-Adventurer Backpack V1.x chipset-fabricator Plan&# 8221 ;. It is a can new chipset for your suit, you create the fabricator. To produce its 3x Mineral materials and 2x Synthetic materials needed.

prey-treasure hunting-reward

The suit chipset is extremely practical and given you the following bonuses:

  • More yield in recycling.
  • Increased chance to critically hit with the pipe wrench.
  • A more efficient flashlight.
  • Faster creep through tight spaces.

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