What is iTunes Match? (Video)

With iTunes Match, you can not only synchronize its music, but also add value. In a video we explain to newcomers to something unconventional way with paper cloud and cords, such as the Apple service is working.

Caveat: As the name suggests, runs iTunes Match using the free software library iTunes (Mac or Windows). You we explain in the article &# 8220; What is iTunes? manage music properly&# 8221 ;.

34834iTunes MatchAs the video shows, so scoured iTunes Match private music library and provides the songs found on all personal iOS devices. Titles that are in the iTunes Store are simply linked to the Apple account of the user. All other supported songs are uploaded from the hard disk in iCloud.

iTunes Match costs 24.99 euros per year. The details of the synchronization service - including the fine print - we call in the article: buy iTunes Match conveniently activate and use - how it works!

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