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You want to connect with a VPN network, you know but not exactly what settings should make her? Or you the around work in the Network Control Panel settings too cumbersome and time-consuming? Then you should consider the use of a VPN client.

Top 5: VPN client Freeware compared

Usually you need a VPN client for. If you want to login to you from an external internet provider in a secure network as. apply VPN clients, especially in universities to z. to get as access to online content in the university library or local companies for external employees. Using VPN it is possible to create from an open and vulnerable a secured network. You can set up a VPN access with Windows internal funds. The VPN client freeware simplifies this task, however, and provides additional comfort and settings. handle lock: On the subject

The popular and free VPN client: LogMeIn Hamachi

A very common and easy-to-use VPN client freeware is LogMeIn Hamachi. With Hamachi you can dial in you not only a VPN network to access certain data. Do you want to play online that do not have Internet multiplayer, but only a LAN multiplayer mode has a game that you can still get into the online game enjoyment with your friends over the Internet about setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Networks). Has an acquaintance also problems with his PC, LogMeIn Hamachi allows remote access to a computer to z. make as to the distance settings and fix software bugs.

VPN Client Freeware HamachiLogMeIn Hamachi is a freeware VPN client that brings diverse features are released

Other top VPN clients: Wippien, Tunngle, OpenVPN

More VPN tools that are easy to use and with which you can set up their VPN networks, include Wippien or Tunngle. Wippien works like Hamachi with AES encryption for the security of their own data. Mac users can access the VPN client from Cisco. Even on an iPad to set up a VPN access is possible. If you like it a little more complex and less colorful buttons for looking individual settings, which is satisfied with the VPN clients Tinc and OpenVPN. In particular, OpenVPN is widely used thanks to its rich feature set.

VPN Client freeware: HamachiHamachi is very easy to handle as a VPN client

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