Nintendo Switch: Still emergency in hardware

Since the official release of the Nintendo switch always actually there was a certain lack of available copies &# 8211; until today.

In this video you will learn everything for Nintendo switch, you need to know.

37669Nintendo Switch - Everything about the console

It is even now, a few months after the launch of the console, not possible in all countries and at all retailers to simply walk times to the store to buy definitely a switch. With this situation, Nintendo is far from satisfactory, even if the hardware production has been boosted sharply recently. This resentment can be seen even with Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, in an interview with the magazine The Verge.

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Whenever we publish a new system, we have very high expectations of ourselves. I wish that we had more hardware. Our inability to satisfy demand, is by no means satisfactory. And we are working hard, as good as it is to meet the demand.

Time play loose a round in between? This switch tracks are suitable for it.

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Nintendo switch: focus on the future new brands

Nintendo wants as much as possible to avoid hardware bottlenecks or at least reduce the future. Already at the release of the NES Classic Mini the stocks were sold out pretty fast. But in order to continue to use high demand, the mini-console comes in 2018 again back into the market.


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