Jogginghosentag 2017 today: All information on the date and more

The sweatpants has jogging or sports so much emulate such good intentions with their actual implementation. It is the garment for wonderfully relaxed days without appointments lying around for the comfort of the couch. Since it only makes sense that the sweatpants gets its own day. Today is again the international Jogginghosentag is celebrated. Contact us for more that are circulating myths about the sweatpants and when to be the date for the next Jogginghosentag.

World famous and much discussed is the utterance of the German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld on the sweatpants: In his opinion, anyone who would wear sweatpants, has lost control of his life. We think: It's in sweatpants not about loss of control, but to relax. She invites you to refrain from the hustle and pressure to perform our society and just enjoying life just once again. On international Weltjogginghosentag you can leave unceremoniously run free this need.

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International Weltjogginghosentag: date for 2017 and 2018

As in previous years, also this year (and next year), the international Jogginghosentag on 21 January.

  • 21 January, Saturday, 2017
  • 21 January, Sunday, 2018

That you may be perfectly prepared, here are some very nice jogging models for everything except sports:

Sweatpants in gray*

Sweatpants from adidas*

Sports fan

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Jogginghosentag marketing campaign

A real-branch in Bavaria Schwabach thought, it uses the Jogginghosentag for a marketing campaign and promises to every customer who dressed at Jogginghosentag with sweatpants buys with them, a free bottle of champagne. This action counts: So far there are over 2000 commitments and over 8,000 interested parties. As the branch will manage the crowds at customers remains to be seen. Error of the story is that real branch suggests that the Jogginghosentag on 19 January, which is not true. Error or not - if you want champagne, as out. Your Driving can you emphasize musically with the track "Jogginghosentag" the band Hamburg band Neonschwarz.

Neonschwarz - Jogginghosentag from riot dog on Vimeo.

Here the song on Amazon for sale*

Sweatpants and Paul Lafargue: lounging with intellectual permission

Not that you can relax need a permit - the right one takes simple - but if one is addressed again to its relaxed lifestyle, you can easily justify it with the French Socialists and physician Paul Lafargue: For wedding of capitalism and the industrial society, he published in 1883 the book the right to Be lazy *Jogginghosentag 2017 today: All information on the date and more. In it, he criticized the bourgeois work ethic and its consequences of overproduction. For the purposes of the society and the economy should therefore quiet time enjoy a lazy day.

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Jogginghosentag and other days

Because the sweatpants is not the only thing that is so great that it deserves their own days, we have some highlights in terms of world days.

  • January 24 - Day of compliments
  • 19th of February &# 8211; Day of mint chocolate
  • March 22 - Water Day
  • April 25 - Arbor Day
  • May 06 - Anti-Diet Day
  • 08 June - Day of the oceans
  • July 06 - Day of the kiss
  • August 26 - Day of toilet paper
  • September 24 - Day of Coffee
  • October 22 - Day of stuttering
  • 07 November - Darmtag
  • December 21 - World Orgasm Day

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