Sort in Excel to date: As you go!

In Excel you can easily a record according to certain criteria to sort. up alphabetically, and by numbers and descending, but also by date. We show you how to do it easily and quickly.

Sort in Excel to date: As you go!

Sort in Excel to date: As you go!

If date values ​​are not listed in an Excel spreadsheet in the right order, you can correct this easily.

  1. Marked with the mouse, the cells in which the data resides.
  2. Now click with the right mouse button on the so-marked area.
  3. In the context menu that opens you choose the entry sorting. excel-to-date-sort-example
  4. Now you can decide you for it to sort in ascending or descending date. If the two entries are not initially appear to date Order from the context menu, marks the cell area again, and then try again. Excel sometimes does not recognize immediately that the labeled cells all contain a date.
  5. Of course, you can also cells from multiple columns highlight and let this sort by the data in this column then. 
    excel-to-date-sort-Example 3

Table sort by date with permanent filter

Be entered in the table permanently new data and you want every time go the way, select all the cells and then having to sort to sort by date, there is also a slightly faster way.

  1. Provides First, make sure that the table space above each column to be sorted with has a heading or simply an empty cell.
  2. Marks these headers or empty cells and clicks in the upper ribbon to sort and filter and then filtering. excel-to-date-sort-example4
  3. Now your data is as follows: excel-to-date-sort-Example 5
  4. Click it now the arrow next to the date, you can all standing under this entry values ​​(it must not contain any blank line) after the date Sort.

Problems when sorting by date

  • Do you use the second method to sort the table or specific entries by date, you must make sure that in this area no blank line is present. All Entries standing below will be ignored.
  • Provides you excel not, by date, but only alphabetically sort from A to Z, it may be that the format of the cells is not set to date. Click to correct this, right-click the selected cells, choose Format Cells&# 8230; out. Ensures that the format date is selected here. excel-to-date-sort-Example 6


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