So you can cancel at – All methods

The brokerage is very popular and a corresponding number of members it has. But what you have to actually do if you want to terminate at We explain the different methods.

So you can cancel at - All methods

Like most single stock exchanges uses the subscription model. So you pay for a certain period of time and you forget to cancel at, the subscription will be automatically renewed. In general, each new member will only close once from a free membership. This can later be converted into a premium membership. This is important because these two memberships differ in the termination.

cancel premium membership

Generally, a notice of a premium membership at does not mean that one is absolutely no longer a member! When we have completed a subscription and terminate this at, the membership will be downgraded back to a free account. So if you get off entirely up wants, which must then also terminate this membership. But first things first.

A premium membership has a certain maturity. After this run, the second subscription automatically renewed. But we ourselves can easily cancel the newsletter to 2 days before or extension.

  • To your log you a in the members area.
  • Then ride your mouse over your self-chosen pseudonym and thus opens a menu.
  • There you select the Settings item.
  • After that point the membership and then manage your PREMIUM membership.
  • There you will find the option of online denunciation.
  • If all goes well, membership will run until the expiration of the paid premium time and is then converted to a free account.

Alternatively, we can of course writing Quitting. We have a template for you. Fills your simple, then load the finished PDF file and sends the letter from sufficient postage. On the side there is also a service that does it for you. terminate the app

Because it is a subscription and subscriptions are managed in apps from iTunes, we may terminate our premium membership as we

  • open iTunes
  • Click there on Store
  • log in
  • Click For subscriptions Manage
  • disable the automatic renewal

Now the subscription ends, the premium membership will run until the end of the pay period on and then becomes a FREE

Alternatively, you can also terminate on the iPhone.

  • For this you tap on Settings.
  • After that on iTunes & App Store
  • Above there is the Apple ID field.
  • tap it and then select View Apple ID.
  • login with the password.
  • There go to subscriptions and then click Manage.
  • set the switch for automatic extension to Off and then terminate at

If that does not work, you have to contact Apple for service.

Free Membership to announce

A free member you have at if you take out no subscription or a subscription has expired. If you no longer want this, you have to terminate this form of membership

you want to completely get out, you have to terminate at twice!you want to completely get out, you have to terminate at twice!

For this you have to contact in writing the support. Either in writing, by fax or by e-mail. Phone can not. It reaches an informal letter of Art &# 8220; I hereby want to cancel my membership 8221 ;. In it you can still noted the membership number, the pseudonym and the e-mail address for inquiries. In addition, a sentence should like &# 8220; I beg you would confirm that dismissal&# 8221; not lacking.

If all goes well, you can not log in and out at &# 8211; until after the love again searches for life ...

to terminate key data to at

  • Service hotline: 0800 330 01 66 (if necessary in order to check the conditions and required data.)
  • e-mail: [email protected]
  • fax: 089 &# 8211; 55 29 714 11
  • mailing address: GmbH
    Linde Wurmstraße 25
    80337 München



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