Move your Google Drive folder

The standard specifies the Drive Download to a new folder. but you can move the Google Drive folder when another location would be better. This makes inter alia at SSD sense!

Move your Google Drive folder

One tends to click through too fast installations. The setup of Google Drive has four relatively uninteresting screens. But it does not fit, the program refers to a new folder under the user folder on the C drive, but you can the Move your Google Drive folder! Either on installation or subsequently.

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move during setup the Google Drive folder

You can on installation move the Google Drive folder and create another location. You have to just watch and wait for the right window. In the fourth window, just before you would actually be done, because there are a button called synchronization options.

Google Drive folder-move-NeuThe standard Google Drive folder move - during installation

This opens a new window that shows you what had actually intended to synchronize Google Drive folder opens. but the you can change it by your right clicks on the button and chooses a new, pre-existing folder in the same location.

Google Drive folder-move-new folderMove your Google Drive folder and select its own folder

Now only confirm and start syncing. Then everything is pushed into the desired folder to Google and vice versa.

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Google Drive folder move later

Quick one has clicked through and suddenly Google Drive will back up a folder that is totally unnecessary and in which there is nothing. So it's better to move the Google Drive folder and use one to sync that already contains data. So was selected during installation of the wrong folder, so you can the Google Drive folder to move. That's not all that difficult. You must ensure, however, disconnect the Google Drive account first of all.

Google Drive folder-move account separateTo move the Google Drive folder the account must be separated again

So does the following:

  • click the right mouse button on the Google Drive icon in the taskbar.
  • Then click the top right of the three points to open another menu.
  • There, select Settings.
  • In the settings window control the tab account and click on the button separate account.

After a safety query the account is disconnected, synchronization stops. Now you can the Google Drive icon Click again and you can register again. The application is now running as a new installation and then you get several successive screens appear. In the fourth screen after authorization to Google appreciate your back button synchronization options. (See the first section above)

Google Drive folder-move-along lead

There you can specify which folder you want to sync on your hard drive. Google Drive will be merged and this folder after confirmation. It is therefore copied everything from that folder to Google and all of Google there. In this way, can also be retrofitted to the Google Drive folder to move.

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