Windows Live Mail 2012

The Windows Live Mail download appears in the Outlook-like design with a comfortable feature set.

That was&# 8217; s well with Outlook Express, probably noticed a lot of Windows 7 users who have the mail client sought in vain on your computer. And indeed, this or a similar program is no longer part of the Windows suite.

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Windows Live Mail Download &# 8211; Not only for Windows 7 users

Remedied by Windows Live Mail Download, which not only has achieved a lot of the familiar features of the Outlook version, but also visually strongly reminiscent of the predecessor. Of these benefits, however, not only Windows 7 customers but also users of Vista and XP that can install the mail client on your computer easily benefit.

Features of Windows Live Mail

The basic features of the Windows Live Mail downloads are nothing new: The mail editor helps to shape the mail text as desired. These include spell checking to make adjustments, individual signatures to insert emoticons and a selection to Beautify. Schedule and address book are of course part of the Intérieurs the Windows Live Mail downloads. Furthermore, however, know especially the photo e-mail to the delight with which you can enrich emails to attached images, including preview function and filter option that can set the access rights of recipients. ?? conversations ?? can be done with any number of participants; , it is possible to organize participant groups and toggle the switch as outgoing messages as required hide.

Windows Live Mail

A particular advantage: Any number of mail protocols can be integrated into the program Windows Live Mail and considered accordingly offline. Not least, the users with Windows Live Mail RSS feeds and newsgroups can manage. And what is especially important, of course: spam, viruses and phishing emails have in the program no access.

Note: Windows Live Mail is part of the for download offered, free software package Windows Essentials, which includes not only the e-mail program to various other software. The installation of all the individual programs is optional here, so you can install only Windows Live Mail, if you wish.

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