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This guide is based on our own experience and an Internet research on blogs and forums. It is to identify the attempt of many subjective impressions an average experience value that can serve you perhaps simplifies booking decision or to balance personal observation. We are pleased with additions in the comments.  

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The advantage of a coach is clearly obvious: It is a lot cheaper than a train ride and more reliable than a trip with lift and Co. Our experience with Flixbus currently relate to the routes: Berlin-Frankfurt aM, Berlin-Halle, Berlin -Bremen, Berlin-Hamburg, Berlin-Cologne and Berlin-Leipzig and back.

In summary, there is a grave reason has become known that would make it necessary to advise against traveling by Flixbus us. But we also see no reason the service or comfort of Flixbus over other long-distance bus companies particularly emphasized. However Flixbus expanding a large network of stations throughout Europe while allowing for very cheap, uncomplicated travel.

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Promise # 1: Free Wi-Fi in all Flixbussen

The company promises free Wi-Fi in all long-distance buses. Basically, is this true: There is free Wi-Fi. In part, the speed is unfortunately such that one finds it difficult to say you have the Internet. The good will is in principle available, but the technical implementation is not yet satisfactory coverage. but the use is very simple: you can find your device with the Flixbusnetzwerk and login you with your email address there. Then you have then access to the WLAN.

in all flixbussen there is free wifi

Promise # 2: Generous legroom

The company claims &# 8220; extra legroom&# 8221; in its buses. So even enough room for the longer among us. This assessment is certainly relative, and we know these promises him already from flight service. One thing is certain, the place is sufficient for average people, people over 1.90 but not sit really comfortable in Flixbus. but the seats themselves are comfortable, convenient & cozy and all have an adjustable backrest.

picture woman from a French advertising with legroom and laptop

Promise # 3: Snacks & drinks

Flixbus says that one is supplied as a traveler on the rides always good with cheap drinks and snacks. Almost no one but reports that you get offered this while driving or is even noted. Also on our trips, we can not collect snack experience. If you should be but for a drink or a snack mood, you've got to probably only overcome and the driver respond to it (while driving is not allowed) &# 8211; he certainly has what it. So at least it let reports of passengers suspect. We will explore this in more detail at the next opportunity.

cheap snacks and drinks promises FlixbusJust ask and look forward to a favorable snack.

Promise # 4: toilets

Bustoiletten are no walk, but the toilets in Flixbus are no worse than others in general. However, there is a new law, according to which the toilet within cities can no longer be used. Therefore, the driver FlixBusse must lock them in these times. On the highway, you can set you free from all pressures but at any time.

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Promise # 5: Sockets

No one should expect that a power outlet is located at its seat. This is not promised also Flixbus but they only say that power outlets on board. If you can not find them yourself, Can You Turn to the driver. This is a high inhibition threshold when it is already under way and you realize that you can find near no outlet. Therefore, if you are dependent on the power, to arrive at the best and ask the driver just before the drive where there are outlets in the bus.

Flixbus promises sockets in busIdeally! Outlet of place behind white cover.

Promise # 6: Luggage

Free you can take one piece of hand luggage and two luggage pieces. When booking, you also get a luggage trailer, you can note your name on. Then you can stow carefree down the bus in the overhead bin her your luggage. We have experienced often that passengers have invited there their luggage themselves, which sometimes led to chaos because many people sometimes have their own things in mind. If you have problems simply address the driver who is actually responsible. In case of loss or damage of your luggage you have entitled to compensation, but there is a special form that can submit it at Flixbus.

Cabin baggage must incidentally, are no longer on the ground, but must be tucked up in the subjects. At a traffic stop the infringement penalty can cost.

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three pieces of luggage each passenger in Flixbus can have

Traveling by Bus: Always a good idea?

A coach always means &# 8211; regardless of the Fernbusunternehmen &# 8211; to take certain risks. The two most important are:

  • Increased risk of accidents
  • Increased likelihood of Flixbus-delayed by traffic and weather

Congestion and adverse weather conditions can never be excluded, but different seasonal likely. Accidents can often end devastating, the examples there is enough. Indeed, but you can upside, traffic accidents seen as a cause of death statistically far behind the deaths from diseases that legal drugs or suicide. Overall, a significant reduction in traffic accidents is generally seen since the 70's. Also, the bus is the way to wear seat belts, you will not always noted, but if you stick to it.

With € 9 each way for over 250 km no other means of transport can compete, but you get these good prices but not always. Who looks residual quota at L`TUR train, already finds Rides for less than 30 € on any route.

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