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In Dragon Quest Heroes 2, the action-packed gameplay of the Dynasty Warriors series is mixed with the RPG world of Dragon Quest, as in the first part. The focus is mainly on the struggle for which there is to bag also plenty of trophies in action RPG. With our guide, we bring you here to the 100% and the platinum trophy.

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In the preview for Dragon Quest Heroes 2 we were able to see the quality of the next hack and slash from the Dragon Quest universe and also a view of the forward List of trophies are you from a first impression of what to expect. Do you want the Unlock Platinum Trophy, you have to defeat all about boss monster or grab all the loot.

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Trophies Overview

Overall, you can in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 43 trophies (1x platinum, 3x Gold, Silver 13x, 26x Bronze) unlock. There are, among others, Achievements, if you gained any weapon in the game or complete all missions. Also, the levels of your heroes level 40 or higher while some will take to time.

dragon-quest-heroes-2-trophies-screenshotEach hero in the game has spectacular finishing maneuver. For a trophy you have to activate all at least once.

The following table can you all the trophies of Dragon Quest Heroes 2 with their activation conditions remove.

Attention! For spoiler reasons we have the secret and hidden trophies listed in a separate table below.

glory hunterglory huntersplatinum-final
For the successful acquisition of all trophies available.
destruction virtuosodestruction virtuosobronze-final
For entering the death impact of each group member.
For experiencing any kind of weather in any wilderness area.
dimensionally travelingdimension travelerbronze-final
To successfully overcome the dangers of the Extra-worldly arena.
For increasing the levels of all characters at 40 or higher.
For increasing the level of your protagonists in any available appeal to 20 or higher.
armed-and-dangerousArmed and Dangerousbronze-final
For the achievement of mastery level of 15 or higher with every available weapon.
kombo artistKombo artistbronze-final
For lining up at least 350 hits in a combo.
on-friends-is-verlassOn friends relybronze-final
For the summoning of a total of 150 Monsterkumpanen.
Knight in shining armorKnight in shining armorbronze-final
For the rescue of 15 persons from monster attacks.
everything-shinesAll that glittersbronze-final
For collecting ingredients to 300 Sparkling spots.
exchange speculatorsexchange Stock brokersbronze-final
For completing 30 transactions in exchange shop.
medal huntermedal huntersilver-final
For the supply of 150 mini medals to Al Schnablone.
Stürzer-the-mightyStürzer of the powerfulgold-final
For at least once each defeating the powerful monster.
health guruHealth gurubronze-final
To acquire the highest possible number of healing stones and maximizing their forces.
commercial agentcommercial agentbronze-final
For the extension of your Monster medal vessel to the highest possible capacity.
everything-for-the-groupEverything for the groupbronze-final
For obtaining the maximum number of group talent points.
rehearsed teamRehearsed teambronze-final
For learning of all group talents.
For the activation of all the teleportation stones.
gold magnategold magnatebronze-final
For accumulating a total of 300,000 gold coins.
treasure seekertreasure hunterssilver-final
For the opening of all treasure chests in all wilderness areas.
Second AmendmentSecond Amendmentsilver-final
For the acquisition of any weapon.
ball curatorball curatorsilver-final
For the acquisition of each ball.
fashion gurufashion gurusilver-final
For the acquisition of each accessory.
total alchemistTotal Alchemistsilver-final
For the acquisition of each ingredient available.
For defeating a monster each species.
For the recruitment of a Monsterkumpans each species.
meticulous-adventurermeticulous adventurerssilver-final
For completing all missions.
leave for the purchase of a copy of all the loot that monsters.

Secret and hidden trophies

The adventure beginsThe adventure beginsbronze-final
For the victory over Proll troll and rescue Orenkias.
slime locksSchleimschlößerbronze-final
For the victory over a metal mucus.
For the victory over a liquid metal slime.
king KlopperKing Kloppersilver-final
For the victory over a metal king slime.
gruppendynamikgroup dynamicsbronze-final
For the purposes of 100 CHANGING attacks.
one-eye-for-raritätenAn eye for raritiesbronze-final
For assessment of a rare item by the Blacksmith.
on-the-ceilingTo the ceilingbronze-final
For an embarrassing and peinvolles with-the-head-to-the-ceiling-popping.
the Proud-princeThe proud princebronze-final
For the strips of persuasion with which one umstimmt Caesar and to bring to join the group.
enlightened-monarchyenlightened monarchybronze-final
To take part in the meeting held in Concordia hearing the Queen of Kreatien.
For making available any improvement on a particular accessory.
finally-peaceAt last peace&# 8230;silver-final
For participation in the peace celebrations in Concordia.
true-warriortrue warriorsilver-final
For the acquisition of the warrior ring.
fulfilling prophecy-prophecy fulfilledgold-final
For the fulfillment of the prophecy.
blind trustBlind trustsilver-final
For &# 8230; the trustful closing the eyes back on the invitation of any ally.

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