The Division: actions and exchanging with other players

With the free update &# 8220; assaults&# 8221; by The Division new content coming into the game. So Ubisoft also introduces a trading system with which it is possible to trade with other players. However, the action in The Division is subject to certain conditions, which we will introduce to you in this guide.

After release of Tom Clancy&# 8217; s The Division lacked a players of coverage shooter Loot trading system. This request, the developers are now followed up and have a free update published. With patch 1.1 &# 8220; incursions&# 8221; Players can now act. However, the trading system is subject to certain conditions knotted, will not be liked each division players. We show you in this article how the actions and exchanging with other games is working and what you note need.

This is what the new assault &# 8220; lost Falcon&# 8221; by The Division of: 

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The Division: This is how the trading system

Trade with other players is easy in The division. You just let one fall Item, which must cancel your exchange partner, so it ends up in inventory. If an object on the floor, you realize it at the Radiant Light, ranging far upward. The different colors show you the quality the item to.

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but as mentioned, you've got to to certain rules stop when you want to take action. Which they are, we will tell you in the next paragraph.

Let an item from your inventory to fall, so that it can pick up your friend.Let an item from your inventory to fall, so that it can pick up your friend.

Loot trading light: these are the conditions for action

You can only swap objects dropped by opponents were. They also have on the ground lie. If they are correct, you see a Light Body similar to a cylinder which extends horizontally toward the sky.

The trading system will show you of items with which you can act.The trading system will show you of items with which you can act.

additional conditions to act with other players you see below:

  • Your only have two hours To give time the recorded item your group member.
  • You can only give to a group member the commercial object when he was at the time there when you have collected the item.
  • Hurry up because other players you the object steal can.
  • In the Dark Zone are now safe areas surfaced in which the thefts can be avoided.
  • The team member who has received the trade item, it can not continue the exchange.

Most players probably annoyed that they can not pass on to other players items that they have received as they played alone. However, this system is to make it clear that every player has to fight for its own items, and he does not get it for free. So it's good for balancing The Division of &# 8211; otherwise it would in future probably one huge black market given with loot, operate the player who traded him favorable.

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