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Watch out! &# 8220; One Rogue &# 8211; A Star Wars Story&# 8221; is a full new Star Wars movie, which hits theaters still 2016th That seems still not to have really gotten around. At least so suggest the many astonished comments that the first teaser trailer for Rogue One &# 8211; A Star Wars story has caused. In the midst of all the hubbub around &# 8220; Star Wars: Awakening of power&# 8220; the spin-off from director Gareth Edwards is a forgotten little. The trailer was a pretty powerful memory. We give it openly: In the gloom, the rebellious tone and clever self-reliance, the &# 8220; One Rogue &# 8211; A Star Wars Story&# 8221; spread, we look forward to just over &# 8220; Star Wars 8&# 8243 ;. Here is everything you over &# 8220; One Rogue &# 8211; A Star Wars Story&# 8221; you know. 

14631Star Wars Rogue One Trailer 1

Star Wars: Rogue One &# 8211; The director

Shortly after the announcement of &# 8220;Rogue One: A Star Wars Story "Was announce also equal to the Director. The name Gareth Edwards should this case be many more unknown, but the director has only two films in his career account. However, the really speak for themselves.

Gareth Edwards-and-Aaron Taylor-Johnson-on-the-Godzilla-setGareth Edwards on the set of Godzilla © Warner Bros.

With the Creature Feature "Monsters"Edwards attracted not only the indie community on his side, but also immediately aroused desires in Hollywood. The reason: Edwards managed to combine an intimate, insightful story with great effects, for which he drew even responsible. An exceptional combination of skill, which then earned him the reboot of another monster "Godzilla". The blockbuster was generally positive, although added that Edwards Monster March but had to contend with significant plot problems, is an open secret.

For "Star Wars: Rogue One" Edwards means that someone here is at work, the great feelings to connect to the spectacle white. The perfect skill set for an entry in the Star Wars saga. We say: Good choice!

Star Wars: Rogue One - The Haupfigur Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones)

Even Felicity Jones stands for the combination of spectacle and empathetic drama. they are superhero fans still pending "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"Know where the 31-year-old British woman had a small but excellent supporting role. With "The Theory of Everything"Felicity Jones could not earn less than an Oscar nomination then. To "Star Wars: Rogue One" starts in theaters, we will be able to ensure in "Collide" and "A Monster Calls" histrionic us by Felicity Jones Can. The central question: Can Jones sell us their figure Jyn Erso as powerful criminals?

sw11111The criminal protagonist of Rogue One: Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) © Disney

In the trailer we learn Jyn Erso namely know as pretty tough nut to crack. It is loud trailer since she 15 years of age is set completely on his own and has since been on a criminal career. Their crimes include theft, forgery, assault and resisting the imperial state power.

Jyn Erso thus has more with Han Solo and Boba Fett in common than with the more noble Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Unlike the classic hero figure Jyn Erso is in the film seem even against their will in use. The theft of the plans for the construction of the first Death Star is most likely not a voluntary undertaking, but a task to which they of the rebel leader Mon Mothma must be forced.

Who knows what the rebels or against them in the hands promise her in return for the plans. Perhaps Erso must also pay a personal debt. Either way Jyn Erso is a classic anti-heroine. These rather dirty approach reflects "Star Wars: Rogue One" again in the rest of the cast.

Star Wars: Rogue One - story and actors: The Dirty Dozen?

The Dirty Dozen. At these classics, we had the first trailer for "Star Wars: Rogue One" think involuntarily. A group of not quite clean specialists is sent into the turmoil of war on a suicide mission. Expendable scum that should one of them actually survive gets a pardon.

star-wars-rogue-one cast-1200x630© Disney

Or so could "Star Wars: Rogue One" work. And seen that yield figures who gather on Jyn Ersos side in the film, then pretty much sense. A wild, wicked pile of historical faces and grubby-functional clothes. The rebellion has to just take what they can get in the resistance. Even if that means that you're getting into with criminals. After all, the task force has indeed steal something. Since thieves have yet to formally.

presented A Star Wars Story - all the actors of Rogue One

To Diego Luna There is, incidentally, still the persistent rumor that he to from "Star Wars: A New Hope" at his time cut out Biggs Darklighter will play. A kind old school friend of Luke and later one of the best rebel pilots. As Mads Mikkelsen fit into this picture, even after the first trailer for &# 8220; One Rogue&# 8221; still unclear. It is clear that he will not play a bad guy, but someone who is Galen. Perhaps an instructor of the rebels? Or a criminal who should help the crew with the theft of the Death Star plans? We will see.

These actors we suspect on the side of the rebellion:

  • Diego Luna
  • Donnie yen
  • Jiang Wen
  • Forest Whitaker
  • Alan Tudyk
  • Riz Ahmed

Star Wars: Rogue One: The villain and what about Darth Vader?

First of all: No one knows exactly which villain to Jyn Erso in "Star Wars: Rogue One" will get in your way. The first trailer shows above all Ben Mendelsohns Character as a prominent figure of the dark side. The badge on his uniform giving him the rank of Generals.Fans want to have further recognized similarities to Grand Admiral Thrawn from the expanded Star Wars universe in the design of the uniform. Furthermore shows the trailer that Ben Mendelsohns character goes also to the normal foot soldiers in the mud, which is an absolute first for a high imperial officer.

picture 3Ben Mendelsohns plays Imperial General. © Disney

And otherwise? Otherwise keep for some time two big rumors. The first aim Boba Fett and bounty hunters generally play a central role in the film. The plot of the film and the previously widespread atmosphere also makes sure that we could get it to actually do with the still very popular among fans of the community Bounter Hunter speak. Whether Boba Fett but how many places suspected to actually play a major role, which must be called into question after the first trailer. On the other hand, the rumor holds that a certain Darth Vader will appear in the film. We say: Will he. One hundred-percentage.

Five facts about "Star Wars: Rogue One" to have a say

  • &# 8220; Star Wars: Rogue One&# 8221; is the first &# 8220; Star Wars&# 8221; -Spin-off film since &# 8220; Star Wars: Ewoks &# 8211; The Battle for Endor&# 8221 ;, a television film from 1985th
  • If we deduct the Holiday ideas, it is the eighth &# 8220; Star Wars&# 8221; -Live action movie.
  • Tatiana Maslany, Rooney Mara and Kate Mara were talking for the lead role before Felicity Jones was able to get the role.
  • It is speculated that younger versions of Hans Solo and Boba are to be seen fat.
  • The first has been described as the spin-off is to look bleak and dirty.

Theatrical release of "Star Wars: Rogue One"

  • Germany: December 15, 2016
  • USA: December 16, 2016

Star-wars-rogue-one-alexandre Desplat


First teaser trailer for "Star Wars: Rogue One"

So far, no trailer has been released yet, but we expect that we in the spin-off probably the end of 2015, no later than early 2016, the first small insight &# 8220; Star Wars: Rogue One&# 8221; may risk it. After all, appeared also the first &# 8220; Star Wars 7: The awakening of power&# 8221; -Trailer almost a year before its theatrical release.

Story of "Star Wars: Rogue One"

So far, no official details about the story are known, but according to first reports, to a group of bounty hunters are central to the story that will steal the plans for the construction of the Death Star.

About "Star Wars: Rogue One"

director: Gareth Edwards


  • Chris Weitz


  • Felicity Jones

Release (FSK): 12

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