Create account in the iCloud – Here’s

Everyone can create his iCloud and store data online. An iPhone or iPad is not a prerequisite for &# 8211; but has advantages. We tell you here's how you can create an account in the iCloud and what practical services else attached to it.

The iCloud is more than just a location on the Internet. Most likely it is to be compared with Google's services. Of course you can create you an account in the iCloud to back up files there. But at the same time gets you access to Office applications, notes and a contact manager. These are neither iTunes nor an iPhone or iPad need. You can also use Windows iCloud. However, the iCloud storage in this case includes only 1GB! If you need more storage, you can rent the Apple. That is worthwhile. Look at times the iCloud costs.

Create iCloud: First, you need an Apple ID

If you want to create you a space in the iCloud, you need to have an Apple ID. Which is actually intended to manage devices such as the iPhone and iPad, or even purchases from iTunes and secure. But in principle, everyone is allowed to create an Apple account and can then also use the free space of the iCloud.

The main difference between a "free iCloud" and an account in connection with an iOS device is the amount of available memory iCloud and the number of usable applications.

iCloud create-apple-idYou need the Apple ID that you turn your iCloud want to create!

So it's going to create a new Apple ID:

  1. To create your place in the iCloud, you go first to the website.
  2. There is a sign-in box, including a link to create a new Apple ID.
  3. The link opens a window where her various personal data, e-mail address and password, as well as the answers to three selectable security issues must specify.
  4. Send the completed form with "Continue"Ab.
  5. Now you get an email with a six-digit numerical code, the you have to enter on the following page. Also is sent with "Continue".
  6. Then you must still agree to the privacy and terms of use.

Congratulations, now you have an Apple ID and can make the necessary adjustments for the iCloud. You can also iCloud client for Windows download * and use the memory to store data from the PC there.

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iCloud create an iPhone or iPad

In conjunction with an iPhone, iPad or iPod you have many more options in the iCloud and also gets paid more space. So if you want to create on your device an iCloud, which occurs, for example during the iPhone device.

iCloud create-iphoneYou can create the iCloud on the iPhone and then have more opportunities

there you give any E-mail address as the user name and selects a password as well as the answers to the security questions. Then you get a verification e-mail sent and there verifies the new Apple ID by clicking on the link in the mail.

Thus you have your iCloud created, you can now have 5 GB of free iCloud storage happy and gets in addition to the above method nor an e-mail address, memories, photo albums, a calendar and more.


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