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Microsoft Excel workbook as a template for interest & unscheduled calculations

In the Baufi mortgage in Excel can be downloaded is an Excel spreadsheet that contains an interest calculator, the overview of up to five different loans procured. Here can also terms for other loan types are compared, of course, in addition to various scenarios for a mortgage.

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The Baufi mortgage is called directly in Excel and consists of seven data sheets. The first sheet contains a legal notice with information about the interest calculator and its developer and has no significance for the calculations. The second to sixth sheet gives the user the option of entering data for a maximum of five credits. From the respective loan amount, the nominal annual interest rate, the repayment rate in percent and the lending beginning of the program determines the term of the loan in months in years in which the loan will be paid off to date, the monthly payment and the remaining debt after five, seven and ten years. As a result of the interest calculator disclose the total amount of interest to be paid, which, together with the sum of the monthly repayments, the sum of the costs incurred in the repayment term financial expenditure. In addition, the Baufi mortgage provides an input field for each month of the loan term to enter special repayments, which are then taken into account in the cost of borrowing bill. Since each sheet to enter the credit data independently calculated the cost of credit, mortgage loans can be managed from different sources at different rates. The seventh sheet provides an overview of all entered and calculated credit data. In addition, it provides information on the total load of all loans taken.

Screenshot of credit summary in Baufi
The credit summary in Baufi

The Baufi Mortgage lending in Excel for download &# 8211; a simple interest calculator for Excel Users

The Baufi mortgage comes without its own program interface. It is actually just a pretty easy held Excel template for mortgage lending, which uses only borders and shading as design elements. Experienced Excel users should come to meet this spartan presentation. This can Baufi mortgage namely just how other, tables created. Excel newcomers could order but have problems. The data sheets namely immediately notice that the cells are not protected. That is, the user can change the cells in which calculations take place, and thus make the table useless without further notice. The developer Walid Chaar prevent this only by pointing to make changes only in the gray fields before. In addition, the table does not allow you to enter exact dates of erosion or interest rate maturities. For example, a credit service agreed upon in each case to the center of one month occur slight differences in comparison with the calculations of the table. The Baufi construction financing can only be used as a simple tool, therefore, to obtain an overview of credit conditions. It also requires the existence of Excel, which should be the case on most computers. This in turn has an advantage, since data from the table must be exported not only from other programs in order to continue using it in other Excel spreadsheets. A very different use of the Baufi mortgage lending is the ability to take the table as an example to look like with different functions in the Excel spreadsheet formulas &# 8220; Compare&# 8221 ;, &Date; # 8220&# 8221; and ∑ # 8220&# 8221; as well as the simple and nested &# 8220; If&# 8221; to make familiar function. Another shortcoming of the Baufi Baufinanzierung is that the computations are represented only in the table view and no graphical representation has been implemented.

Others offer more features

As an alternative to Baufi Mortgage lending in Excel download numerous other programs offer. The most widely used are here of, loans and Thommi&# 8217; s Baufi computer. All of these programs run independently of Excel and some feature &# 8211; here is particularly Thommi? s highlight Baufi computer &# 8211; a number of extra features, such as the inclusion of a housekeeping book to check the financial viability of a loan. For users who are familiar with Excel, and minimalists of Baufi mortgage calculator download certainly provides a useful little tool. Weaknesses are the lack of opportunity, precise data such annuity or exact dates enter, and the non-existent graphical representation of calculations. Worst of all falls into the weight that the data sheets to avoid erroneous entries are not protected.

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