Dying Light – The Horde Bozak: Challenges – What to expect you in the DLC

For Dying Light The Bozak Horde is a special challenge for which you get both powerful and reward successes and achievements. We show what challenges need to introduce you to her and how you survive it!

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Dying Light, the zombie survival game Dead-Iceland-makers of Techland, provides you with the DLC The Bozak Horde a particularly tough challenge in which you attracts a crazy mask psychopath named Bozak in a sports stadium and you blow your mind there, robbing and equipped with a bomb. To survive, you have without your weapons collected 20 waves of zombies and other challenges to survive.

Dying Light - The Horde Bozak: challenges - win four!

Dying Light has a co-op multiplayer mode and should you also take advantage of the challenges in The Bozak Horde! For be warned the fighting in the stadium of Harran are devilishly difficult and alone even harder. So get yourself help and tells you so horny reward at the end.

Dying Light Bozak01Behind all the fun lies the mistaken Bozak.

But keep in mind also that you right at the start decreasing your present equipment of nasty Bozak. You get it though at the end again, but for the duration of DLCs you are dependent on what you have learned of skills and can on the weapons and equipment that you find on the road or build. Furthermore, you shall die only three times, then the fun is in fact over and starts again!

The first five challenges

First, you all have to immediately run to the van to deactivate the bomb at times, which is not yet a major challenge. Next, turn up a lot of virus carriers in the parking lot, which should cut down her. In the next field a horde are again virus carriers shall cut down her before the bomb explodes, which you have to also disarm.

Dying Light Bozak02In The Bozak Horde you have your fat arms not available.

next appear Flüchter who have first aid kits urgently needed. Catches up with them and take them salvation from stuff! Next you deactivated your bombs, but then you learn that there were still three other timers. Go through the next gate, where earlier was the electric field and finds and disables the timer there.

Further challenges and tests

In the new area you must first pass through the various waypoints, then dip up to four fiends on which you shall do it in the input field. Next Flüchter reappear with first aid kits and then you expect two more bombs timers, which should defuse it quickly.

Dying Light Bozak04Great hordes are the hallmark of the DLC.

Crossed collects three to six gas canister at two different places and throw it through the hole in the forest on the biter and Rammer including as a team more and waypoints. then goes to the elevator shaft and does the virus carriers there. Continue through various waypoints to the last area of ​​the construction site.

The grand finale!

There, you first need to catch Flüchter and slaughter a horde before time runs out. Furthermore, all toads and virus carriers must believe in it so that you can disable in the sealed container the bomb. Next, you go back to the start of the construction site, where you have to throw all sorts courier bags within a time limit in shafts. Then you lay up for yourselves again and goes on the hunt for two other bomb timers.

Dying Light Bozak05The mighty Rammer among the bosses in The Bozak Horde.

Shortly before the end you shall again Flüchter for bandages chase, then it goes to the final. As a final challenge waiting for you a lot of virus carriers and up to four (!) Rammer! And the time limit of your still ticking merrily. You can see it, however, extend through the passage through the metal detector gate.

Four go in, one comes out!

You've done the last zombies and look forward to the big reward? Well, Bozak would not be a crazed psychopath if he had not yet prepared a final devilry. Because in the end there can only be one and all players have a brutal battle for life and death afford.

Dying Light Bozak03The mighty bow is your reward for the cruel tests.

The winner also gets then astray Bozak mask and a special achievement. The mighty Bozak sheet including blueprints's but for all participants. If you should make Horde again later The Bozak, you will receive the following additional plans for Arrows:

building plancondition
Electric ArrowKill a total of 10 virus carriers in The Horde Bozak with arrows.
fire arrowKill a total of 10 Flüchter in The Horde Bozak with arrows.
Explosion ArrowComplete all 20 challenges within 25-32 minutes.

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