FIFA 18: The Journey – Hunter Returns – all information to continue

In FIFA 18 Alex Hunter will return in a new story. Hunter returns you leave with the English players except the Premiere League and discover different countries and stations before you come to a very special club. Until then, however, much is emulate and you will meet many friends from The Journey with Alex Hunter.

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In addition to the new game aspects you can Customize your Hunter Returns star himself: in The Journey. In addition to his skills are now unlocked and visual possibilities. FIFA 18 dares the next season a continuation of Hunters career. Many players were in favor of a mode in which they themselves create a completely new player. This will be possible in the usual Be-A-Pro mode, but The Journey adds that experience many interesting scenes and sequences added.

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Hunter Returns &# 8211; Thus, the second season of Alex Hunter runs

The first season of Alex Hunter is over and he is willing to change club. Where this road will go depends on you and your decisions. While the other stars played rather unimportant supporting roles in the story mode of FIFA 17, this should take 18 a more important role in FIFA and accompany you any longer. In addition, many videos provide a real &# 8220; Blockbuster&# 8221 ;, according to EA Sports. There are very many well-known people in the next part of the story of Alex Hunter. These include his mother, his grandfather and his manager that accompany Hunter in six chapters.

Update 06th September 2017

The Journey receives a Co-op mode for up to four players. The career of Alex Hunter can be designed together with friends, then, with only one player controls the youngster himself. The other three players can have as a player aside and thus support Hunter or to its competitors.

FIFA 18 Hunter ReturnsChristiano is part of the history of Hunter returns.

Christiano Ronaldo is one of those players who are involved in your FIFA-18 film. The story is to let you experience all facets of life of a professional athlete. This includes pre-season training, press conferences, training and of course the everyday madness of the professional leagues. In this current and former players you can take:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Dele Alli
  • Rio Ferdinand
  • Thomas Müller
  • Thierry Henry
  • gyasi zardes
  • Antoine Griezmann
  • James Harden (shooting guard of the Houston Rockets in NBA Live 18)

Moreover, now the top clubs tear around the young British and you will be able to decide which way strikes Alex. So far, several clubs are believed what Alex can follow:

  • FC Bayern Munich
  • real Madrid
  • Atletico Madrid
  • LA Galaxy
  • Paris Saint-Germain
FIFA 18 UpdatesNot just a legend Henry is also part of The Journey.

A special feature in FIFA 18 that you can enter the court not only with Alex Hunter, but also with other characters. This then experience short, their own stories and provide variety in story mode. To whom it should be exactly remains to be seen, but there are a guess because the trailer an unknown American player will be shown.

Innovations in career

One of the new features is the interactive transfer negotiation in which you can decide on your players in interactive cutscenes. Here, borrow or transfer fees are negotiated and you can ask tough your desires or alternatively let your assistant take the calls.

FIFA 18 negotiationsIn the cutscenes you your career can push.

Once you have been you agree with the other managers, you meet after that of the corresponding player's manager. With this it is negotiating then payment for the professionals and the contract period. The great advantage of these negotiations is that you have to handle a change not in several simulated days and regular reviews of your e-mail mailbox, but completed all in one cutscene.

Adjustments and tattoos in the character editor

You can customize 18 Alex Hunter at FIFA. In the character editor their haircuts, clothing and hairstyles can choose to miss the young star a new look. Furthermore, you can specify whether Hunter is a left- or right-footer, so you can characterize your style of play.

FIFA 18 Hunter ReturnsTough choices await you in The Journey: Hunter Return.

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You get in the game smaller tasks and goals that affect your story. Who here does not want to see every day the same Alex, can equip him with tattoos and new hairstyles to customize it. The different developments in the history once again be determined by answers in dialogues. The mode consists of six chapters and you come around a lot more, as Alex Hunter traveled on his way different countries.

FIFA 18 THe Journey Hunter ReturnsFor which club it also plays FIFA 18 offers a spectacular story again.

Since this is even now already is at Alex Hunter is a big star, it remains to be seen how the skill system changes. Perhaps his values ​​are reduced and ye must build again. Other possibilities are that you have to control the game the players of Hunter before you take control of him.

FIFA Street

In The Journey you will be able to travel while competing in tournaments street in a 5-on-5 the whole world. Here you expect short games in Brazil, which are also a little extra money for the story mode.

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