Mitsubishi exhaust scandal: These models are affected

The Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi is a tangible exhaust scandal seems to pave the way: The traditional company has just announced that they had tampered with the exhaust tests in small cars. Thus affected at least 157,000 Mitsubishi cars and 468,000 vehicles that Mitsubishi has produced for the domestic rivals Nissan are. It is currently unclear whether the affected models sold outside Japan wurden- in our guide you can find the most important information.

Mitsubishi exhaust scandal: These models are affected

Mitsubishi exhaust scandal: New cases of fraud in the auto industry

After the VW exhaust scandal last year shook the automotive industry, now another scandal over manipulated emissions in the offing. The Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi has admitted that they had cheated on official Abgast tests. We noticed the fraud as the cooperation partner Nissan was discovered inconsistencies in fuel consumption. In the subsequent investigations one is then passed to the conclusion that the fuel consumption was fined by improper tire pressure, reports Spiegel Online.

Cars in a RowMitsubishi has apparently tampered with exhaust gas tests. Source: Shutterstock

Mitsubishi exhaust scandal to date: These models are affected

Mitsubishi CEO Tesuro Aikawa alleging that fraud cases were immediately reported to the Japanese Ministry of Transport. To elucidate the manipulation, a commission will now used with independent external experts. The sale of the affected models has been temporarily stopped.

  • As things stand, a total of 625,000 small cars are affected by the exhaust scandal at Mitsubishi.
  • However, these are only 157,000 vehicles from Mitsubishi itself &# 8211; the remaining 468,000 cars built Mitsubishi for the competitors Nissan.
  • In the rigged vehicles are among other small cars of the type Mitsubishi eK Space and wagon and the identical Nissan Dayz Roox.
  • Unlike the VW exhaust scandal, these are exclusively petrol and not diesel vehicles.

of course, is exciting the question of whether cars have been affected by the recent gas scandal at Mitsubishi sold abroad. So far there is no specific information plus &# 8211; unclear is also stuck the motives behind the manipulation.

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So the stock market reacts to the exhaust manipulation at Mitsubishi

On the stock market, the announcement caused about the fraud in any case for strong reactions: on the Tokyo Stock Exchange fell by 15.2 percent rate dramatically - it This is the largest daily loss for twelve years. The market value of the Japanese automotive group fell with it in one fell swoop 1.2 billion US dollars &# 8211; Investors reacted in panic to the announcement of a press conference in which the Group is wanted to comment on the manipulation.

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Mitsubishi had to fight in the early 2000s before a scandal: At that time, the group had admitted decades information about hidden vehicle fault, for example, To have veiled defective brakes. Then many managers were arrested &# 8211; although Mitsubishi then initiated various measures to improve vehicle quality had to fight the Untermehmen in the following years with a strong loss of consumer confidence.

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