The iPhone X: A swatter for the Android world

At yesterday's event Apple has finally arrived in the smartphone 2017 - and catapulted us to the iPhone X directly in the future. A comment of a passionate Android fans.

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iOS or Android, which for years was a question between software and hardware: While the user experience on iOS was regarded as intuitive and straightforward, Android devices inspire with a wide range of different designs and innovative features.

galaxy roundAlso bent but not even nearly as successful as the Galaxy S8: The Samsung Galaxy Round.

Above all, Samsung has shown in recent years to be extremely keen to experiment: Stylus, projector, curved and curved displays have been pressed by the South Koreans, with more or less success in mobile phones and even though the Samsung Galaxy S8 certainly not the first virtually borderless smartphone the market, the current leader in the Android segment has certainly contributed to the establishment of the trend.

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Apple one would presumably not expected

however, what was coming in recent years from Cupertino? Those who have followed the news from the rumor mill in recent weeks and months around the new iPhone from Apple, will have already anticipated the launch of the iPhone X.

And who has followed in the last three years, the development of Apple's iPhone, is to know why the excitement around the unit in advance was great. As an outsider, you finally had the feeling for a long time that Apple is resting on your own success and implements improvements only in small steps, rather than exploring new avenues.


often with great success, considering the Apple Watch look at - while leaving other manufacturers to develop innovative technologies and risky experiments, they concentrated at Apple instead on refinement and perfection known ideas. but the heart beat of techies higher had none of the recently introduced Apple smartphones.

For the iPhone, this product policy conservative acting rather meant a technical lagging behind in many respects. Quick Charge? Wireless Charging? A display front, the above without the huge beams and manages below the screen? These and many other features offered by the Android competition for years, remained iPhone users long denied and took care of ridicule and criticism.

The iPhone is a revolution X - really now

Of course, Apple already tried us the iPhone 7, pretty much always to sell each new iPhone every year as a revolution. Judging by the sales figures it worked again. When Tim Cook but theater has spoken on the Apple campus of the future of smartphones this year in Steve Jobs, we actually took his word for.

Apple uses advanced sensors on the front of the iPhone X that allows you to unlock via facial recognition even in the dark.Apple uses advanced sensors on the front of the iPhone X, which allows unlocking by facial recognition even in the dark.

The iPhone X pulls in hardware finally with the Android flagship Elite equal and catapulted the company with an impact beyond the current elite. Finally a spectacular new design without the hated giant screen edges, and finally Quick Charge and other features that you vorfand otherwise only under the Android manufacturers.

These stereo speakers, IP certification, and even face detection is on board and not just as a casual feature, but safer, more reliable and more powerful than ever Android device has shown us so far. The iris scanner Samsung other hand, looks like a cheap sleight-trick, from the ghastly face recognition that their shadows ekes out some very diffuse software policy since Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at Google, we will not even talk. Yes, anyone else once had years ago with the idea, but Apple has finally implemented it properly.

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Wake-up call to the Android manufacturers

I come as a user of a Samsung Galaxy S8 not fail to pay enthusiasm and respect for the iPhone X - alone the camera with their legion of sensors and features like 4K 60 FPS, 240 FPS slow motion in full HD and of course, the one thanks neuronal face detection improved portrait mode should be sufficient grounds for many to pick up the iPhone X. The wherewithal provided, of course: 1149 Euro cost us the future of smartphones.

Best on

If you consider that just as well two Samsung Galaxy S8 could buy from an iPhone X, one must not argue about Apple's pricing: The iPhone X is a futuristic luxury toy, no everyday smartphone to be recommended.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is even more favorable to 1,000 euros compared to the iPhone X.The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is even more favorable to 1,000 euros compared to the iPhone X. Nevertheless, the price of the iPhone X due to the really impressive innovations seems more justified than Samsung's model.

If I spend so much money for a smartphone and umsteige for the iPhone X to iOS? Probably not, any more than I would spend on 999 euros a music 8th In my mind, Apple has won but the battle for the most spectacular smartphone this year and climb in terms of style, innovation and wow factor after a long time Olympus.

Suddenly there is a role reversal: Samsung Note 8 is a slight improvement over the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, while Apple has arrived with the iPhone X on a new level and the competition forces to take action.

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Accordingly, I'm curious as to which manufacturer will offer from the Android camp the iPhone X in the future, the end - I am sure we can look forward to some fantastic new smartphones.

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