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Oil Empire is a remake of the popular, the same strategy classic from the year 1989. Aim of the game is to build a business empire whose main source of income is the black gold. As the game name suggests, so it goes with Oil Empire to oil.

As known from other economic simulations, you reach your goal of absolute dominance by hitting the right decisions at the right time. Unlike the original version of Oil Empire, you need the remake but a lot more factors in your calculations incorporate. Decisive are no longer alone promotion, production processes and distribution, but also research, stock prices and even espionage.

The Return of Oil Empire as a free browser game should not only inspire players who have dreamed earlier on the C64 from economic superpower plans. The new integrated multiplayer online function of the appeal of this economic simulation is increasing enormously. Because it is more beautiful than the discovery of a new oil well wangle the last drop of black gold for the real oil baron, a direct competitor.

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