Star Citizen: ships and ship classes at a glance

In the space adventure Star Citizen you can expect a variety of spaceships. However, the process, the ships are different not only in appearance; each of them fulfills other tasks. If you opt for example, fly around as a pirate or work as a trader, you can always find the right ship.

Will you boarded with send ships through space in Star Citizen, you can watch the ships either earn real money or Buy game. We show you in this guide which Ships and classes there in Star Citizen and how you get your spaceships upgrade can.

Look here the promotional trailer of the 300 series of, the you can fly in Star Citizen:

6844Star Citizen - Ships: The 300-Series

Star Citizen: ships and upgrades at a glance

In Star Citizen there are different Ship classes. So the ships are on their function classified. The six classes are:

  • passenger transportation
  • Universal ship
  • starfighter
  • bomber
  • cargo ship
  • Capital Ship
In Star Citizen you can a number of spaceships flyIn Star Citizen you can a number of spaceships fly

Depending on their application the ships can be further classified. You have the opportunity to you to buy Star Citizen in the alpha version, including a ship. The cost of this pack for this are different &# 8211; elsewhere we have listed to you the starter packs and other packages available.

Each ship, which you can buy on the official website, even game is available and can be purchased with credits.

Do you buy you one of these ships in the package, you will receive a insurance for this spacecraft. In addition, you can also ship a Message Favorite individually to buy. This is especially useful if you want to support the developers. but you have no desire to spend real money, you can watch the ships also Buy game or unlock.

What is a spaceship insurance?

Have you Star Citizen before November 26, 2012 acquired, thereby supporting the Kickstarter project, you will receive a life insurance on your spaceships. This means that if your ship attacked and destroyed or even stolen by a pirate, get her a new model for free.

If your ship destroyed in Star Citizen and you possess an insurance policy, you will receive a newIf your ship destroyed in Star Citizen and you possess an insurance policy, you will receive a new

All other buyers have only one temporary insurance for their ship and their ships. Do you buy you a pack or a ship on the official website is usually a three- to six-month insurance case. You can of course you Ingame establish an insurance policy for your ships in Star Citizen. but this will cost you valuable credits.

Ship classes: passenger transport

A total of 22 ships are found in class passengers. The following spaceships can you unlock in Star Citizen in this category. Some ships can bought individually become; in this case the price is behind the ship concerned:

  • Carrack (exploration)
  • Herald (Informationsbote)
  • Mustang Beta (exploration / travel): 59.56 EUR
  • Mustang Alpha (starter): 48,73 EUR
  • Mustang Gamma (race): 75,80 EUR
  • Mustang Delta (fighters)
  • Mustang Omega (race)
  • Aurora ES (starter / sensing): 21,66 EUR
  • Aurora LX (exploration / light commercial ship)
  • Aurora MR (closure): 48,73 EUR
  • 300i (travel): 70.39 EUR
  • 315P (exploration): 81,22 EUR
  • 350r (race)
  • M50 Interceptor (race / interception)
  • Freelancer Dur (exploration): 151.61 EUR
  • Constellation Taurus (transport): 216,58 EUR
  • Constellation Aquila (exploration): 351.94 EUR
  • 890 Jump (luxury trips)
  • Cutlass Red (search and rescue): 146.19 EUR
  • Genesis (passenger overflight)
  • Anvil Crucible (repair)
  • P-72 Archimedes (Universal)

Here you can see all the ships of the class in the Picture gallery:

Gallery Star Citizen - ships: passenger transport

  • (Figure 1.22):315P
  • (Figure 2.22):300i
  • (Figure 3.22):350r
  • (Figure 4.22):890 Jump
  • (Figure 22.5):Anvil Crucible
  • (Figure 22.6):Aurora MR
  • (Figure 22.7):Aurora IT
  • (Figure 22.8):Aurora LX
  • (Figure 9.22):Constellation Aquila
  • (Figure 22.10):Constellation Taurus
  • (Figure 22.11):Cutlass Red
  • (Figure 22.12):Freelancer Dur
  • (Picture 13/22):genesis
  • (Picture 14/22):Carrack
  • (Picture 15/22):M50 Interceptor
  • (Picture 16/22):Mustang Alpha
  • (Picture 17/22):Mustang Beta
  • (Picture 18/22):Herald
  • (Picture 19/22):Mustang Delta
  • (Picture 20/22):Mustang gamma
  • (Picture 21/22):Mustang Omega
  • (Picture 22/22):P72 Archimedes

Ship classes: Universal Ship

In this category you will find six spaceships. They are multi-functional and generally have an enormous length. At least two people in them space; in the Endeavor as many as 16 players can fly. Are the ships currently available, you can find a price next to the name of the ship:

  • Endeavor (Research Platform)
  • Constellation Andromeda (multifunction): 297.80 EUR
  • Constellation Phoenix (Luxury Travel)
  • Reliant Mako (message board)
  • Reliant Sen (researchers)
  • Reliant Tana (Scharmützler)

Here you will find again all the ships of the class in the picture:

Gallery Star Citizen - Ships: Universal Ship

  • (Figure 1.6):Reliant Sen -
  • (Figure 6.2):Reliant Tana -
  • (Figure 3.6):Constellation Phoenix -
  • (Figure 4.6):Constellation Andromeda -
  • (Figure 6.5):Reliant Mako -
  • (Figure 6.6):Endeavor -

Ship classes: fighter

In Star Citizen ye 26 combat aircraft to select. The large number of vessels in this category only has room for one player. For this, the spaceships are very short and sleek to deny fast fights in space. The following ships of the class struggle you can unlock. If you can buy them, you will find the price next door:

  • Endeavor (Research Platform)
  • Saber (fighter)
  • F7C Hornet (Civilian Support freighter): 135.36 EUR
  • Avenger Stalker (interceptor / bounty hunter): 81,22 EUR
  • Gladius (short-distance patrol fighters): 113,70 EUR
  • P-52 Merlin (clearance fighters): 21,66 EUR
  • Carrack (exploration)
  • Redeemer (canon ship): 286.97 EUR
  • Herald (Informationsbote)
  • Javelin class destroyer (nave)
  • Vanguard Warden (long-distance fighters)
  • Aurora LN (militia / Patrol): 48,73 EUR
  • 325A (closure): 86.63 EUR
  • F7C-S Hornet Ghost (infiltration): 151.61 EUR
  • F7C-R Hornet Tracker (scout / commanding and controlling): 167.85 EUR
  • F7C-M Super Hornet (space superiority)
  • Vanduul scythe (Intermediate fighters)
  • Freelancerphotos MIS (Militia)
  • Khartu-Al (lightweight fighter)
  • F7A Hornet (Military support freighter)
  • Cutlass Black (militia / Patrol): 124.53 EUR
  • Cutlass Blue (Police)
  • Esperia Glaive (Intermediate fighters)
  • Vanguard Sentinel (E-warfare)
  • Retaliator base (Universal fighters)
  • Avenger Warlock (EMP-warfare)

Below you can see all the warships of Star Citizen in Picture gallery:

Gallery Star Citizen - ships: Fighter Aircraft

  • (Figure 1.26):Aurora LN
  • (Figure 2.26):325A
  • (Figure 3.26):Avenger Stalker
  • (Figure 4.26):Avanger Warlock
  • (Figure 5.26):Cutlass Black
  • (Figure 6.26):Cutlass Blue
  • (Figure 26.7):Endeavor
  • (Figure 8.26):Esperia Glaive
  • (Figure 9.26):F7A Hornet
  • (Figure 26.10):F7C Hornet
  • (Figure 26.11):F7C-M Hornet
  • (Figure 26.12):F7C-R Hornet Tracker
  • (Picture 13/26):F7C-S Hornet Ghost
  • (Picture 14/26):Freelancer MIS
  • (Picture 15/26):Gladius
  • (Picture 16/26):Carrack
  • (Picture 17/26):Javelin Class Destroyer
  • (Picture 18/26):Herald
  • (Picture 19/26):P-52 Merlin
  • (Picture 20/26):Khartu-Al
  • (Picture 21/26):Redeemer
  • (Picture 22/26):Saber
  • (Picture 23/26):Vanduul Scythe
  • (Picture 24/26):Retaliator Base
  • (Picture 25/26):Vanguard Warden
  • (Picture 26/26):Vanguard Sentinel

Ship classes: bomber

In the category of sharp guns found three ships. At least two people have space in them. Currently, there are none of the three spaceships for Star Citizen to buy. However, you may be able to unlock in-game or purchase with your hard-earned credits once the developers have produced finished. The bomber in Star Citizen are:

  • Gladiator (vehicle carrier and bomber)
  • Retaliator bomber (Heavy bomber)
  • Vanguard Harbinger (bomber)

And here they are again in the Picture gallery:

Gallery Star Citizen - Ships: bombers

  • (Figure 1/3):gladiator
  • (Figure 3.2):Vanguard Harbinger
  • (Figure 3.3):Retaliator Bomber

Ship classes: Cargo Ship

A total of 16 ships are in the cargo ship class. They transport you large and heavy goods from A to B. Would ye than dealer hire these spaceships are just the thing for you. Some of them can you even purchase. The rest of the ships is currently being designed:

  • Starfarer (Transport)
  • Hull A (freight transport)
  • Hull B (freight transport)
  • Hull C (freight transport)
  • Hull D (freight transport)
  • Hull E (freight transport)
  • Aurora CL (commercial): 64,97 EUR
  • Freelancer (trade): 135.36 EUR
  • Caterpillar (Transport)
  • Freelancer Max (transport): 167.85 EUR
  • Merchantman (trade / crafts)
  • Reclaimer (rescue)
  • Orion (mining)
  • Starfarer Gemini (military transport)
  • Reliant Kore &# 8211; Mini Hauler (Lighter freight transport)
  • Avenger titanium (Light freight forwarder): 54,15 EUR

All 16 ships of the class Cargo find her again in our Picture gallery:

Gallery Star Citizen - ship: Cargo ships

  • (Figure 1.16):Avenger titanium
  • (Figure 16.2):Aurora CL
  • (Figure 3.16):Freelancer
  • (4/16):Freelancer Max
  • (Figure 5.16):Caterpillar
  • (Figure 6.16):A Hull
  • (Figure 16.7):Hull B
  • (Figure 8.16):Hull C
  • (Figure 9.16):Hull e
  • (Figure 10.16):merchantman
  • (Figure 11.16):Hull D
  • (Figure 12.16):Orion
  • (Picture 13/16):Reclaimer
  • (Picture 14/16):Scarfarer
  • (Picture 15/16):Starfarer Gemini
  • (Picture 16/16):Reliant Kore - Mini Hauler

Ship classes: Capital Ship

Only three spaceships get in Star Citizen class Capital Ship or Capital. None of them can be purchased &# 8211; except Ingame: You may be able to unlock in the game or buy with credits as soon as they were produced ready.

  • Javelin &# 8211; Class destroyer (capital ship)
  • Idris-M (frigate)
  • Idris-P (frigate)

Idris Idris M and P are alike in appearance, which is why you are allowed to admire only two capital ships in the following gallery:

Gallery Star Citizen - ships: battleships

  • (Figure 2.1):Javelin - Class Destroyer
  • (Figure 2.2):Idris Idris M and P

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