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In 1993 when The Elder Scrolls: Arena appeared, no one knew that with this role play one of the most successful role-playing game series in recent years appeared, whose fame at the latest with the release of TES: Oblivion was cemented: Morrowind and TES &# 8211; but certainly that of Skyrim.

For playing The Elder Scrolls: Arena you need the DOSBox1931NostalGIGA - Arena

The Elder Scrolls: Arena &# 8211; A world of opportunities

Kaiser Uriel Septim VII was taken betrayed by his Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn and imprisoned. Your task is clear: Deliver the help of your companions to arrestierten Emperor and make the traitor a full end.

Or so was certainly at that time the announcement attempt until Bethesda finally it decided not the license of Dungeons & Dragons to buy and not to develop a group adventure resourceful gladiators. Thank God, we can only say this, because otherwise it might not come to one of the greatest RPG series these days. The Elder Scrolls are now a name that each player knows at least since Skyrim and probably still find more favor with the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls - Arena: Are already the first rat dangerous opponents should only true heroes confront these skeletonsThe Elder Scrolls &# 8211; Arena: Are already the first rat dangerous opponents should face only true heroes these skeletons

The Elder Scrolls: Arena &# 8211; Free cult RPG

As part of the tenth anniversary of The Elder Scrolls series of developer Bethesda The Elder Scrolls has: provided Arena for free download. On newer Windows machines is TES: Arena only playable using DOSBox. For role players with high standards of integrity arena, however, is a mandatory title. When we're at it, we advise also to free download of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall to the shapely continues the story in Tamriel and even some playful features to present white.

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