Dragon Age – Inquisition: The amulets of power – sites and required quests

Perhaps the most valuable jewels in Dragon Age: Inquisition grant you any bonuses, but a free attribute point for one of your characters. We moved durdch Thedas and have distended the right Amulet of Power for all of our companion.

Although the amulet of power can only sell for 34 coins, but the benefits for your characters is all the more greater. Have you used an amulet of power, it disappears. It might interest you, however, that there is an exploit for an infinite number of amulets of power in Dragon Age: Inquisition is&# 8230;

Amulet of Power: It's inexpensive, available only once, but so incredibly valuableAmulet of Power: It's inexpensive, available only once, but so incredibly valuable

Dragon Age &# 8211; Inquisition: The localities of the amulets of power

The amulets of power grant you a free distributable skill point. To all jewelry for the Inquisitor and his companions to find, you have to simply following search:

localityben. Questcharacter
Comb forest, village comb Forest: house where a villager hides (requires &# 8220; Skilled hands, good tool&# 8221;)&# 8220; Still Waters&# 8221;inquisitor
Forbidden oasis Okularum: Collect all shards in the area to open the door&# 8220; over cold avowed&# 8221;inquisitor
War table: Has survived the incidents in Halamshiral the Kaiserin Celene, is still the reigning and in a relationship with Briala, you will receive an amulet of power-inquisitor
Reward of nowhere&# 8220; Here waits the abyss&# 8221;inquisitor
War table: Inquisition Perk from &# 8220; Exclusive Training&# 8221;-inquisitor
Val Royeaux, prison: Chest&# 8220; declarations&# 8221;Blackwall
Fortress Adamant: A chest at the third position in the optional SW (unique chance)&# 8220; Here waits the abyss&# 8221;Blackwall
War table: Quest for Therinfals Schanze&# 8220; Coronets&# 8221;Blackwall
Fahl break cottage: Northwest of the last veil fire column-Cassandra
Denams quarters&# 8220; Champiions of the Just&# 8221;Cassandra
Therinfals hill: Before you enter the large hall, you will find a locked room with the corpse of the Grand Marshal-Cassandra
Firmament, Herald&In a chest close to Cole, after you've entertained you with a healer on Cole: s Rest # 8217-Cole
Reward in the comb forest&# 8220; The burden of domination&# 8221;Cole
Emerald graves, Chateau d&8217; Onterre: booty from arcane horrors-Cole
Emprise du Lion: prey of Imshael&# 8220; Call me Imshael&# 8221;Cole
Crest Forest: loot the High North Dragon Hunters-Iron Bull
Emprise du Lion: Created by the High Dragon Hivernal-Iron Bull
The Westgrate: In the West the silent ruins in the locked room-Dorian
The Westgrate, Griffonflügel festivals: prey of Macrinus&# 8220; attack on Griffonflügel festivals&# 8221;Dorian
The Westgrate, Still-Ruins: chest in the hall of silence behind a locked door-Dorian
The Hissing wasteland Venatori Stock: booty from a Venatori binding Mage&# 8220; sand and decay&# 8221;Dorian
Reward&# 8220; track Spies in Nevarra&# 8221;Dorian
Verchiel: concluding Seras personal quest&# 8220; The Red Jenny and dangerous cargo&# 8221;Sera
Emerald graves: Drop the High Dragon Higher Mistral-Sera
Reward in the firmament&# 8220; the information Großverzauberin&# 8221;Solas
The Westgrate: Created by the High Dragon Abyssal High Dragon-Solas
Emerald graves Huldgreb Stock: Map of Elgar&8217; nans Bastion points the way-Solas
Mythal Temple: If there is an alliance with the Wardens to find a chest&# 8220; The consequences of pride&# 8221;Solas
Reward in Haven&# 8220; Knallhart in the Upper Town 3: Revenge Varrics&# 8221;Varric
Hinterland, treasury of Valammar: Chest&# 8220; intrigue the Karta&# 8221; or &# 8220; Oh, damn&# 8221;Varric
Reward in the firmament&# 8220; Knallhart in the Upper Town: Unpleasant parallels&# 8221;Varric
The Hissing wasteland: Created by the High Dragon The sand Howler-Varric
Emprise du Lion: Created by the High Dragon cold tooth-Varric
RewardDuty or truth: The FinaleVivienne
Reward&# 8220; The eternal quest for more&# 8221;Vivienne
Winter Palace, stately quarters: Ambassador Briallas bedroom-Vivienne
Emerald graves, Villa Maurel: Treasury Villa&# 8220; Safe storage&# 8221;Vivienne

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