FIFA 17: The Journey with Alex Hunter – The Story Mode

In the new story mode of FIFA 17 The Journey it created not just your own players, but experienced the career of a football stars from the eyes of Alex Hunter. With it, you will take the first steps to find your place in the Premiere League and be a star. It is even a German synchronization. What holds this new mode in FIFA 17 for you we will show you the guide on this page.

EA promises a very realistic gaming experience on and off the football field with The Journey. Which club of Barclays Premier League makes your cross is up to you. Then you play through the ups and downs of life of an aspiring top footballer. In FIFA 17 The Journey is the story not only take place on the lawn. You will with your Trainer speak experienced emotions at home, cabin talks lead and be on the road, whether on the plane or the catacombs

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The Journey in FIFA 17 &# 8211; The story of Alex Hunter

In general, it follows the story of Alex Hunter. But you have to also before each game to choose whether you want only control him or the team. The Journey is exclusively take place in the Premiere League. As the story will run, which end she takes and if you can also conquer other leagues is not yet known. With time and good benefits you can construct increasingly Alex Hunters skills.

Hunter cheersThe Journey leads you through the professional career of Alex Hunter.

Alex Hunter &# 8211; the star before tomorrow in FIFA 17 The Journey

Influence the course of history will have different aspects. To a large extent, of course, as your Performance on the pitch is. In addition, you will on press conferences the journalist must answer questions, the nature of your answers will affect your reputation. Even red cards or match suspensions will have an impact. The Story of The Journey gives you, in addition to the general framework of history, a large private design possibilities of how it comes to Alex Hunter stands.

Alex is accompanied by his childhood friend Walker, with which you go the first steps together. However, it is also clear that you can pay attention to whether the friendship remains or not. How Alex Hunter improved in FIFA 17, we show you in our guide to the properties of The Journey.

The jerseys of childhood friendsThe jerseys of childhood friends Hunter and Walker in The Journey.

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As is known from previous parts of the FIFA series, you get some tasks from your coach, which must pass it in order to gain advantage before the start of the game. You play with a Rating System, can advance your career or which trim. By Motion capture you are experiencing an authentic world, as you accompany both teammates and coaches. Will you therefore of Jürgen Klopp the rest are motivated or together with Eden Hazard enjoy before the storm? Then, this mode is right for you.

FIFA 17: The story mode offers Dynamic Scenes in German

Some time after the release of FIFA 17 is a complete synchronization in German for The Journey was also attached. This you can the way to professional Alex Hunter completely translated to experience without the distraction of subtitles. All this takes place primarily in the Dynamic Scenes. Who knows games of basketball counterparts for these features have been known for some years. If your behavior was once not very exemplary in different situations, you have to answer to you either before your trainer or directly in front of the fan base.

Hunter aircraftFrom the football field in the private &# 8211; This is The Journey.

Even your family will have a great impact. In the scenes you go through the endless motivation and is devoted difficulties of life as a professional footballer. In addition, you can check out of the Story consultants also fetch help. These are represented by various other football players.

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