DVB-T: End of TV reception format announced – DVB-T2 as successor

Who does not have a satellite dish and no cable connection at home and do not want to receive the live stream TV channel can alternatively fall back to the receiving source via DVB-T. However, as the federal cabinet has now decided it's over soon with Freeview.

DVB-T: End of TV reception format announced - DVB-T2 as successor

Whoever receives his television program at home with a DVB-T device will need to upgrade this technology for the future. Currently, around 7.4 million households in Germany use DVB-T TV reception.

DVB-T: successor DVB-T2 comes

After 2017 DVB-T should therefore be replaced by DVB-T2. Previously occupied by DTT frequencies (700 MHz) will be auctioned for the expansion of mobile Internet in the future. The auction for the frequencies said to take place in the second quarter of 2015, according to Infrastructure Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU), the profit is divided between federal and state governments. A billion amount is expected. A large portion of the proceeds will be used for the expansion of the broadband network. By 2018, transmission options of 50 MB / s should coverage be guaranteed in Germany. Currently, these transmission speeds for about 2/3 of German households are available.


After the remapping of frequencies old DVB-T have equipped with the DVB-T2 standard (470 &# 8211; 690 MHz) to be retrofitted. The new format for digital terrestrial television, in contrast to its predecessor, also broadcast programs in HD resolution. In addition, shipments are to be received by DVB-T more mobile and a more extensive variety of programs are made possible.

DVB-T at the end &# 8211; Frequencies for mobile data network

The new digital channels to be launched no earlier 2017th A transition period is planned, but only for a short period. Retrofitting is possible via a DVB-T2 decoder. Corresponding DVB-T2 receivers are already from 30 € *DVB-T: End of TV reception format announced - DVB-T2 as successor available. By switching to DVB-T2 and the free evacuation of frequencies to mobile data connections to be overcome "digital divide between town and country" and fast Internet throughout Germany are possible. Who does not want to switch to DVB-T2, the increased speed of data transfer for. B. use it to receive TV over the Internet.DVB-T-2

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