BlizzCon 2017: Blizzard sets new world record

At this year's BlizzCon in Anaheim, California, there was not only to see many games, but it was also a new world record.

So the huge diorama for BlizzCon 2017 has emerged.

876Blizzcon 2017 Diorama Video

While standing for most visiting the BlizzCon for example, the announcement of the new WoW Addons Battle for Azeroth or the new heroine for Moira Overwatch in the foreground, there was even marvel at a world record at the fair.

Blizzcon Diorama

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In one of the areas was a huge diorama called "Battle for Lordaeron" that stalked with a total of 10,000 characters a battle from World of Warcraft. This is seen in itself an impressive work, but it had a very special detail to offer: Each of the 10,000 figures represented an ingame character BlizzCon visitors.

In previous Blizzcons there was always seen grandiose cosplays &# 8211; like it here.

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Using the official BlizzCon app could find out the fans, is exactly where to find her figure in the huge diorama &# 8211; a cool idea. The world record there was the way for the biggest diorama of a computer or video game.


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