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Also, hard drives have a limited life. Before this, however, is expired, you should be able to react in time. Acronis Drive Monitor has the status of the hard drive always in view and warns of problems arise.

Meanwhile include hard drive failure of the absolute super GAU's that can make a computer user. The possibility of losing all the important data in one fell swoop can count for some of the most terrible moments ever in life. Besides the fact that you should create backups regularly, it's worth above all a continuous monitoring of the hard disk &# 8211; For example, with the aid of Freeware Acronis Drive Monitor.

Acronis Drive Monitor in monitor modeAcronis Drive Monitor in monitor mode

The program reviewed data such as temperature or the starting time of the plate. When irregularities occur, the user automatically receives a message by e-mail or as a screen message. The total, including marked as defective data is displayed in a graphical interface. These weekly reports are available that take into account all drive Information or electromechanical states.

Should a hard drive crash imminent, the user after the message still enough time for the backup operation &# 8211; and can protect a sustained manner before the maximum credible accident, which the user can be exposed to (in addition to at least as dangerous computer virus infection).

Conclusion of the free Acronis Drive Monitor download: Before the user has to be expected in view of its hard disk with major complications, he should make using Acronis Drive Monitor for consistent monitoring. The program works largely reliable and is also freeware!


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