Billions: Series gets Season 2 – So, you see them in Germany

Sky Germany has an extensive deal with Showtime since the beginning of the year. The first series reboot, based on this meeting's Billions. The series with Damian Lewis, known to many from Homeland sure, launched earlier this year in the US with bravura viewership. Across all platforms saw the pilot 6, 5 million people. It is therefore no surprise that the series gets a second season.

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Sky Online: Showtime series with entertainment ticket to see - a month's notice*

In this country you could the first season since April 25 every Monday on Sky Atlantic &# 8211; either in German or in the English original &# 8211; View and retrieve parallel via Sky On Demand, Sky Go and Sky Online *.

Without wishing to belittle the grandeur of the series &# 8211; really new they are not told. In this case, there is a Wall Street thriller that comes in serial format, instead of blockbusters. As the story is constantly told in episodes, Billions does not necessarily have the best chance to make their way into the German free TV.

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Billions &# 8211; Authentic clash of alpha male

Basically, it's about the battle between the billionaire hedge fund manager Bobby &# 8220; Ax&# 8221; Axelrod and the Attorney Chuck Rhoades, who is quite sure that behind the slick gooders mask Axelrod meanest criminal activity. It looked so behind the fascinating and hideous mechanisms of power on Wall Street, the world of magnificent Long-Iceland-beach villas, rigged deals and opaque professional and personal relationships is the stuff of Billions.

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For it has been researched extensively directly on site, such as series creator Brian Koppelman hinted. Especially like you met with lawyers and financial managers in the evening when they have had a few more drinks and proved to be very fruitful assistance in writing the script. Also, Paul Giamatti, who plays the highly driven and very predator-like prosecutor, met for research purposes with the actually responsible for Manhattan district attorney.

Billions in Germany in the stream & TV

  • To see Billions, you've got to not necessarily a Sky subscription old school set, but can only enter into a monthly cancellable contract.
  • Sky Online and soon sky ticket *, will cost you in the best variant &# 8211; the entertainment ticket *, which is very well suited for series fans &# 8211; just under ten euros a month. So you can see various other exciting and partially exclusive series.
  • Alternatively course there is no legal streams of the series, but in the German dubbing, nor with German suppliers, but only at and iTunes *Billions: Series gets Season 2 - So, you see them in Germany.
  • If and when a DVD will be released to production in Germany is unclear.
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Billions: Season 2 has already been ordered

Billions of course, gets a second season, but hardly anything about it is not yet known. 2017, the starting date should be, and probably the second season will get 12 episodes again. In any case, the first 12 episodes have shown who the two men as they look without the mask and what are their strengths and weaknesses. In the second season we will surely learn how far the two are ready to go to wipe out their opponents. We will keep you at this point to date.


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