Crossword Help: The best online encyclopedias to look up

Its like crosswords and word to the last? No cell must remain open, finally it comes to the jackpot! Since many bock heavy crossword puzzle is popular support. We know some of the best online dictionaries and search engines for Schüttelschweden and other crossword puzzle.

Crossword Help: The best online encyclopedias to look up

polar bear puzzleWhat was the name Swiss canton with the three letters again? What is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet? And what is the first point of contact for technical questions four letter? GAGA? In all of these questions you get carried himself sometimes so much to ponder that one is at night awake for a long and partout not want to come to the riddle. We provide you assistance in crossword puzzles, and present you four encyclopedias and other tools to solve even more difficult crossword puzzles.

Crossword Help: The best online encyclopedias


raetsel-hilfe_deThe website puzzle offers quick and uncomplicated help in difficult crossword puzzles. Just give here the puzzles question, which prepares you headaches and optionally selects the number of letters for the solution word. The database spits you not only different results and responses, but also lists it also related issues on, so you know to comparable questions answer next time in other puzzles.

Although the results contain the exact wording of the question, the proposed shortening your search phrase is usually provided with hits. During our test, we found all the solutions sought. Those who like to interactively operate, can here also the Community of puzzles clubs connect and cover with answers and collect thereby points.


crossword-raetsel_netMore than 600,000 solutions the most common crossword database of crossword-Rä for you holds ready. Just give here a question, and the text search spits you all exact and related search phrases with results from. Here you can also optionally enter the number of characters of the Answer.

Sort the answers to question number of characters or answer and confirms the success, so that the industrious response page of the community to be rewarded for their help. The site also holds in addition to the free text search gap text search, Bridge search Anagramsuche and some Trainer for Sudoku and other puzzles ready.

kwdb_chThe Swiss crossword database find the answer to your question asked, if ye eingebt precise enough. in the search for the Swiss canton of Uri sure enough, however, already "Canton" as input. For longer search phrases unfortunately you go out without result.

The will be very fast and is very clearly less possible hits. For that not to be found here but sometimes all the answers to tricky crossword questions.


The most comprehensive online encyclopedia Woxikon has in terms Crossword Help Unfortunately some catching up to be, at this point but still mentioned because we find the idea of ​​finding a solution very skilled.

Instead of entering a question here, you can here already known characters in the fields and enter Woxikon find yourselves the word you want to get out - at least in theory. The searched words we were unfortunately not present in the list, while it was very commonly used riddle answers.

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