Ok Google does not work: causes and tips for voice control

Ok Google does not work and your voice commands are ignored by your smartphone? The hotword recognition &# 8220; OK Google&# 8221; has so far supported you, and now the app stops responding to your inquiries? Then we have tips for you what you can do if Voice Search is not running.

8742"OK Google" it does not work

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Thanks to Google Now you can use directly from your home screen Google voice search. Usually you need only &# 8220; OK Google&# 8221; say and then speak your commands or searches. But what if your phone suddenly you ignored?

bring Ok Google widget on the home screen

the widget &# 8220; Google search&# 8221; must be placed on the first page of the Home Screen, when the voice commands to work. Missing it, then you have to find and place back on the home screen, the widget.

  1. Pushes for a few seconds on the multitasking button at the bottom left of your smartphone (applies to Samsung devices, other devices you'll find the button elsewhere).
  2. Selects then down &Widgets; # 8220&# 8221; out.
  3. Then you need the associated Google Search widget only hold and move on your home screen.

ok Google_Widget_Launcher

Additional info on how you can organize your screen, you read the article Android: Set Home Screen, change and delete.

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Tips when Ok Google does not work

To use voice input, Google Now needs to be enabled. How this works and how you activate Ok Google, we show you in the assigned link. Takes your smartphone your Google Voice commands not answer when you &# 8220; OK Google&# 8221; says this can have various causes. These are our tips for problems:

  • Checks if the app with Google Settings>language>&# 8221; OK Google&# 8221; this box is checked.
  • The display must be turned on, however, the lock screen is enough.
  • You can delete your Android cache and then test whether the speech recognition is running again.
  • Starts your smartphone new and tried Ok Google on afterwards.
  • Checks whether you've installed the latest version of the Google app. If not, invite you downloaded the update. For stubborn problems you can also uninstall the app and then download new from the Play Store.
  • Sometimes it helps to change the language of the Google app in the language settings and put back in German. On some smartphones, the Google Voice Search only works in English.
  • In the &# 8220; Accessibility&# 8221; can also disable various services her to you go to Settings of your device &# 8220; Accessibility&# 8221 ;. Tests such as whether Google's voice search is working again, if you disable the widget Whatsapp extension for the Dashclock.
  • your microphone may be defective. Checked this with other apps or a phone call.

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OK Google

Special case: Ok Google Voice Search does not work when Huawei Nova

Problems with the voice commands are known for Huawei Nova users. Try to access the Google voice input, the message appears that the microphone can not be used. Although you can perform a hard reset after her your data you have backed up, but that need not be successful and therefore not worth the hassle of backup compelling. Alternatively, the repair service takes your phone to also in order to reinstall the firmware. However, did not help the users in the Android Help Forum. Since mid-December 2016 is an update to version &# 8220; MLA L11c432b140&# 8243; for the Nova Plus, which fixes the bug. So far the update has not yet appeared for the normal Nova.

Help all the tricks do not, you have to manually click on the microphone or enter your queries via phone keypad.

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