Fantastic Beasts 2: Start, cast and story of Harry Potter spin-offs

Already, the rotation runs for the second, so far unnamed part of Newt Scamander series and allows fantasy fans to the release of the sequel wait. With J.K. Rowling as a screenwriter and director David Yates are also available for the sequel experienced, creative minds from the previous Harry Potter films there.

Warner introduced us last year, Eddie Redmayne as Magizoologe Newt Scamander prior to the already turned a book in the Harry Potter series. In the sequel to the first film version of the magic cloth is all about the former friends Dumbledore and the infamous wizard Grindelwald. See here the trailer for the second film about the magical creatures:

147Fantastic Beasts and Where to find 2 Trailer

Fantastic Beasts 2: Start in Germany

Theatrical release in Germany is the November 15, 2018. Overall, fans can look forward to even five films in the series, the third part in 2020 expected.

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Read also with us, what happened to the cast of Harry Potter.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find 2: Cast

In the continuation of the story from the Harry Potter universe, we see the main cast from the first part again. What would be the Thunderbird Frank, Demiguise Dougal or Niffler without their animal expert? Who do you see in the cast of the second part of the fantastic beasts, learn it here:

Newt ScamanderEddie Redmayne
Porpentina GoldsteinKatherine Waterston
Queenie GoldsteinAlison Sudol
Dan FoglerJacob (Muggel)
Gellert GrindelwaldJohnny Depp
Albus DumbledoreJude Law
CredenceEzra Miller
Leta LestrangeZoë Kravitz
Theseus ScamanderCallum Turner
Yusuf KamaWilliam Nadylam
GrimmsonIngvar Sigurdsson
SkenderÓlafur Darri Ólafsson
fantastic-animal beings-and-where-it-to-find sind_Warner_Bros._Pictures_2© Warner Bros. Pictures

The story of the second Harry Potter spin-offs

The second part of the Fantastic Beasts will play in Paris and London in the 1927th The focus of the battle between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, former childhood friends is. Because by Newt Scamander unmasked Gellert Grindelwald has fulfilled its promise and escaped arrest. In addition, the Grindelwald flocking wizards and witches around him who are versed in the Dark Arts. Your goal is to suppress all non-magical beings.

fantastic-animal beings-and-where-it-to-find sind_Warner Bros. Pictures© Warner Bros. Pictures

To thwart this plan, the young Dumbledore seeks the help of his former protégé Scamander.

There is also a reunion with old acquaintances Newts Leta Lestrange and also a magic circus ringmaster Skender and its attractions will play an important role.


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