800-year old cell phone found: smart phones in the Middle Ages?

beware conspiracy theorists: The Internet is a photo making the rounds that allegedly shows a 800-year old phone. The image is shared on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Co. and apparently some users are really convinced that this is a genuine artifact. Have been on the phone with smart phones the old knight?

the cell phone was found allegedly in Austria in Salzburg, the YouTuber Paranormal Crucible reported the discovery late last year and presented the claim in the space that the device resembled a modern mobile phone.

The device is similar in fact a cell phone, die-hard fans of conspiracy theories are therefore confident: This mobile phone comes from aliens and / or time travelers. The whole thing needs to be about expired so: The aliens visited Earth 800 years ago, the people of that time saw the overwhelming technology and built the device after. Or something like that.

Why show up on the phone Babylonian-looking character is not entirely clear. Probably the Babylonians are also easily Aliens &# 8211; only has no one noticed until now. Good thing there is the internet, which gives us every day new insights&# 8230;

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800-year old phone is a Hoax

So funny the picture is &# 8211; the whole thing is of course again just kidding. Real archaeologists have not yet commented on the Fund and that will not soon happen: How the Web mimikama has found the photo comes in reality from the Atelier Art replica and is already a little older &# 8211; namely from 2012. The mobile phone is named &# 8220; BabyloNokia "and was apparently used for marketing purposes.

BabyloNokiaThe &8220; 800 year old cell phone&# 8221; actually comes from the year 2012. Source: Mimikama

Real conspiracy theorists of course will not shock this realization. Art replica is probably a secret government organization that will specifically disguise the origin of Alien phones. We are sure: The truth is out there&# 8230;

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Hoaxes and hoaxes on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co

Hoaxes such as the 800 year old mobile phone are nothing new on Facebook and Co.: Recently made a message that the racing driver Fernando Alonso is dead before it caused an IS-terrorist attack card with destinations in Germany for some excitement. One of the perennial favorites also include the 179-year-old Indian Mahashta Murasi. The pattern in such hoaxes is always the same: The message is as sensational as possible, verify they can not be often and before you can seriously think about it, already appears the next message on.

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