Tango for Android: Download and functions

The free tango app is a Messenger with phone function similar to WhatsApp, but with many additional functions. You can also make video calls with Tango, browse news channel, play games and share information from your news feed.

To use the app, you must be their member of the Tango network. At startup, you give it only your mobile number and log you an either via Facebook or register a new account with tango name, last name and e-mail address.

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Tango for Android: Features Overview

Tango offers more than the typical messenger app. In addition to short messages via chat you can gamble subscribe or games as well as various Channel.

Tango app: About the sidebar you reach the most important functions.Tango app: About the sidebar you reach the most important functions.

After registering in the Tango network you can use the following functions:

  • Messaging individually and in group chat
  • News Feed
  • games
  • channels
  • phone calls
  • video calls

The sidebar gives you access to the main Tango features. There you can your profile page and your News Feed ads, write posts, looking for people who access games or channels. In addition, messages are displayed by your friends. The sidebar can also customize however. Top right under the bell icon you can see all pending notifications.

Note: Tango can communicate it across platforms, including Android to iPhone etc.

Tango for Android: Privacy and Personal Information

Tango profile page and settings.Tango profile page and settings.

Depending on what information do you do to your person, Tango are suggestions to people who can you adden. Profile information can you import from Facebook also directly. In the privacy settings you determine whether you receive friend requests, who can see all your contributions if you will appear in the search and the friends recommendations.

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