Are iPhone and iPhone 8 X waterproof? Here you learn it!

Are the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 waterproof? And if so, to what depth? Every time a new iPhone will be introduced, of course, the question arises whether the recent models are protected against water. We find out whether you can safely take it to the next beach holiday, the new iPhone.

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Modern smartphones are pretty good normally protected against water - however, it is discriminated whether a device is water resistant or completely waterproof. To measure, using the industry standard IEC 60529, which was established by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. According to this standard, both the iPhone X and the iPhone get 8 Rating IP 67. This is quite a good value, indicating that the iPhone is protected from water - but what exactly does that mean?

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iPhone and iPhone 8 X: Waterproof and to what depth?

The abbreviation IP stands (Rating International Protection) for the designation Marking International Protection, but are really interesting are the figures behind it. The numbers are in each case for a different value:

  • The first number represents the Protection against dust and other particles. A 6 means that iPhone 8 and X completely protected against dust and dirt.
  • The second number indicates how well the device is protected against water. The 7 means that the new iPhone models be fully immersed in water, however, only at a depth of up to 1 meter and only for a maximum period of 30 minutes.
iPhone 8 X waterproof coverLet your iPhone X does not fall into the sea! Image: Chaiyaporn1144

For you this means in detail: If your iPhone falls 8 or X in the toilet, you spilled your drink on the smartphone or you fall into a heavy rain, there should be no problems. but you should take good care that your iPhone does not fall into a swimming pool, a lake or the sea. Salt water has corrosive and can destroy the micro-chips of the iPhone within a very short time - the same goes for chlorine in the swimming pool.

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iPhone 8 and X: Is there a warranty claim for water damage?

Related note, Apple does not guarantee for any damage caused by water. According to Apple, the Water and dust protection may wear during normal use over time. Therefore, there is no warranty. Apple also points out that you should not charge in a wet state both iPhone and iPhone X. Actually tells the indeed common sense - but you should keep in mind it anyway, just in case something happens.


  • iPhone 8 and X are splash-proof and should complete immersion for a short period to endure.
  • Avoids yet to make the iPhone fall into the swimming pool or the sea.
  • Invites the iPhone 8 or X on not when it is wet.

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