Windows 10: Adjust Info Center – Here’s

The Information Center will notify you in Windows 10 through the latest news. Also, you can access there by buttons on certain functions such as the Tablet mode, notes or settings. We show how you customize these buttons at the information center itself and adjust can.

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The Info Center keeps you on breaking stories and news to date. Also, you can access several buttons to certain functions. So you adjust the icons in the notification center.

Tip: If you want to disable instead, the Information Center, look over here Windows 10: Disable Info Center - how it works.

Windows 10: Info Center adapt - Here&# 8217; s

Windows 10: Here you adjust the symbols of the Info Center.Windows 10: Here you adjust the symbols of the Info Center.

To adapt the Info Center in Windows 10, do you do the following:

  1. Opens the Windows settings by their presses the key combination Windows + i.
  2. Clicks the system and left on the menu item alerts and actions.
  3. Selects the right under the heading Fast actions on the four small tiles from which symbols to be displayed at the information center. The order, which can be seen in the settings can be found as well as the information center again.
  4. To change a symbol, you click on it in the settings and choose from the following one of:
    • All settings
    • Connect
    • VPN
    • note
    • rest periods
    • position
    • tablet mode
  5. If necessary, more symbols can there also appear depending on the system configuration.
Windows 10: Click the Information Center on & quot; expand & quot ;, all available icons display.Windows 10: Click the Information Center on &Expand; # 8220&# 8221 ;, all available icons display.

The symbols that you can set it in the settings will be displayed at the information center as the first four symbols. If you click at the information center on the lettering, expand, and the other symbols are displayed there. If you click on the logo Reduce, they are again collapsed up to the four set of you symbols.

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