Can you received pulse 4 in Germany and see?

Puls 4 is a ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, which is broadcast in Austria. In Austria you can the transmitter via cable or digital received via DVB-T and co. But what is it if you want to see Puls 4 in Germany?

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Puls 4 has been since 2009 the Austrian free-TV rights to broadcast the Champions League and Europa League. Games are shown here frequently not seen in Germany on free TV. So Puls 4 shows the Champions League also on Tuesday night, while Germany is set to Wednesday as of broadcast for the Games at the highest European level in football.

Can you received pulse 4 in Germany and see?

Puls 4 received in Germany: Is that possible?

In addition, the Champions League TV transmission with pulse 4 at many football fans is a welcome alternative if you do not want to hear Marcel Reif and Co. at the announce table again. Furthermore 4 shows pulse several exciting series and shows, for: b. Murder, She Wrote, Austria's Next Top Model, Criminal Minds or Monk. In Germany Puls 4 is to receive encrypted via satellite only. The program of pulse 4 can also be viewed online in live stream. Access is limited to Austrian IPs so that only residents of Austria can access 4 live stream on the pulse. Who wants to see Puls 4 from Germany, therefore, would have to bypass the so-called geoblocking. This prevents users can access with a foreign IP on the live stream. This practice is also handled at domestic live streams, so that for. access outside Germany, however denied as the online offer from ARD, this country retrieve easily.


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Puls 4 received in Germany and see

  • The geoblocking can be circumvented (Virtual Private Network) by setting up a VPN.
  • HideMyAss as provides a way to fool an IP from abroad.
  • Even with a smartphone, for example. B. Android device, you can can be assigned to a foreign IP address.
  • Proxy apps are about Proxy Droid or Faceless.
  • Bypassing the Geoblockade to see Puls 4 in Germany is legal but controversial.
  • Through the VPN, however, the Internet connection can be greatly slowed.
  • For this reason, it may well be that the stream markedly delayed or stutter is transmitted.
  • Who wants to look at all the gates of the Champions League legally and without detours can retrieve the highlights and summaries few hours after the final whistle online in YouTube channel on Sky Sports HD.
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In Austria, the pulse can be received with an ORF card. 4 On eBay * finds her many such cards that you can use in a receiver in Germany to receive pulse. 4 Do you use one of these cards in this country, however, is here a breach of the terms of ORF. For this reason, it is quite possible that such a card is blocked after purchase.

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