The ten best road movies of all time

A typical American genres of film history is undoubtedly the road movie. The often revered cult films often convey a sense of freedom that is inextricably linked to most protagonists with a free ride on endless highways. Today we give once material and present you the 10 best road movies of all time.

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The ten best road movies

Whether rattling motorcycle, noble limousine or the good old truck &# 8211; on the highway is known to all hell broke loose and Hollywood deals since the 1960s, with the travelers on the canvas. The so-called road movie is a kind of modern Western, where it often comes to Outlaws, who realize their dream of freedom with a ride on the highway. The horse is promptly replaced by a motorized vehicle, but many motives of Western stay in films like &# 8220; Easy Rider&# 8221; still preserved.

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The road movie, despite its borrowings from the Western genre with relatively large number of open borders. Thus, road movies elements of both comedy and drama or even the thriller included. Therefore, we present to you today 10 very different contributions, but they are all connected by the central theme of travel

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&# 8220; Easy Rider&# 8221; (1969, directed by Dennis Hopper)

After the Summer Of Love in 1967, the hippie era reached no later than one year later with the many global protest movements peaked. The world was changed at least culturally intrusive and was part of the lifestyle of many flower children, in addition to free love, and the enjoyment of many intoxicants. Hollywood Rebel Dennis Hopper succeeded shortly thereafter to record this time on the big screen and with &# 8220; Easy Rider&# 8221; to create a cult film for the ages.

Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in Easy RiderCult figures of the hippie era: The Easy Rider © Sony

The story of two motorcyclists is secondary, this is about a life plan away from the popular American Way Of Life and the road is captured to the soundtrack of Steppenwolf traveling by motorcycle hippies. However, Dennis Hopper looked already into the future and disturbed all Alt-68s to the present day with the bitter finale of his &# 8220; Easy Rider&# 8221 ;, the prototype of road movies.

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1505Easy Rider - Trailer english

&# 8220; Badlands&# 8221; (1973, directed by Terrence Malick)

&# 8220; The Tree Of Life&Director; # 8221 Terrence Malick turned a few films in his career, for him but with almost every work achieved an incomparable masterpiece. In his debut &# 8220; Badlands&# 8221; He tells the story of the wicked Kit (Martin Sheen) That (the father of his underage girlfriend HollySissy Spaceck) Kills and then with her on the run.

Sissy Spacek in & quot; Badlands & quot;Strong debut: Sissy Spacek in &# 8220; Badlands&# 8221; © Warner

As a sort of morally reprehensible version of &# 8220; Bonny and Clyde&# 8221; staged Terrence Malick a precursor for road movies like Oliver Stone &# 8220; Natural killer Born&# 8221; and portrays the US highways as places of violence and destruction. &# 8220; Badlands&# 8221; is the road-movie-contribution of emerging in the 1970s, alternative cinema, the so-called New Hollywood, and has lost little of its force today. None other than Bruce Springsteen, incidentally, borrowed the movie title for his 1978 hit from the legendary album &# 8220; Darkness on the Edge of Town&# 8221 ;.

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92Badlands - Trailer english

&# 8220; convoy&# 8221; (1978, directed by Sam Peckinpah)

The respected as difficult directorial eccentrics Sam Peckinpah often dealt in his works with the dark side of the United States and influenced his often explicit violence directors such as Quentin Tarantino sustainable. He created classics such as the late Western &# 8220; The Wild Bunch&However, # 8221 ;, could not build on earlier successes in his later work. An exception is the trucker movie &# 8220; convoy&# 8221; from 1978, in which a rebellious truck driver (Kris Kristofferson) With state power in the form of cynical Sheriff Ernest Borgnine invests.

Kris Kristofferson and Ali MacGraw in ConvoyHerbes dream couple: Kris Kristofferson and Ali MacGraw in Convoy © Kinowelt

Sam Peckinpah portrays the heroes of the road as a modern cowboy and so his road movie comes to the genre of the Western total to the Closest. The film was also due to its excellent soundtrack that time a success at the box office and also maintains thirty years later still the best way.

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70Convoy - Trailer German

&# 8220; Homer & Eddie&# 8221; (1989, director: Andrei Konchalovsky)

Before James Belushi completely changed the comedic compartment (about the series &# 8220; to Jim&# 8221) he showed in 1989 tragicomic road movie &# 8220; Homer & Eddie&# 8221; from Andrei Konchalovsky all his quality as a character actor. He plays the mentally retarded Naivling Homer, who sets out on a long journey to Oregon to visit his cancer-stricken father. The lively criminals Eddie takes him (Whoopi Goldberg) In their dilapidated Lincoln convertible with and between the two, develops despite numerous setbacks, something like a tender mutual affection.

James Belushi and Whoopi Goldberg in Homer and EddieBright Lights: James Belushi as Homer Lancer © EMS

&# 8220; Homer & Eddie&# 8221; is an excellently played road movie about friendship, beneficial from the settles one or other clumsy representatives of the so-called buddy movies.

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76Homer & Eddie English Trailer

&Thelma; # 8220 & Louise&# 8221; (1991, directed by Ridley Scott)

Ridley Scott feels in almost any genre well. The creator of such diverse films as &Alien; # 8220&# 8221; or &# 8220; Black Hawk Down&# 8221; supplies with &Thelma; # 8220 & Louise&# 8221; an oft-quoted milestone on the road movies. It's about two women (Geena Davis and Susan Sarandonwho want to escape their depressing day with a trip together for a few days).

Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon in Thelma and LouiseWait for Brad Pitt: Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon are &# 8220; Thelma and Louise&# 8221; © Warner

After Louise shoots a rapist in affect, the two women are suddenly on the run to Mexico. Ridley Scott turns the typical story of male Outlaws simply and presented us the first real female road movie, including amorous entanglements along the way, in this case the young for Brad Pitt provides in one of its first rollers.

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64Thelma & Louise - Trailer english

&# 8220; Natural killer Born&# 8221; (1994, directed by Oliver Stone)

His time scandalous film tells, Oliver Stones violence grotesque &# 8220; Natural killer Born&# 8221; the story of the lovers Mickey (Woody Harrelson() And MelodyJuliette Lewis) That race, murdering and pillaging by the United States, always accompanied by press and fans. Here, comical alternate with tragic moments and explicit violence that earned the satirical imaginary media scolding much criticism.

Controversial: Woody Harrelson in Natural Born KillersControversial: Woody Harrelson in &# 8220; Natural killer Born&# 8221; © Warner

What remains is a harsh and comic exemplary road movie, which is racing in extremely fast pace from a corpse to another and hardly allows air to take a breather. Actually wanted to Quentin Tarantino his screenplay for &# 8220; Natural killer Born&# 8221; even film, but after problems with financing he had to fit. With the daring implementation by Oliver Stone, however it should in my opinion be more than happy, but he is not loud numerous media reports.

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143Natural Born Killers Trailer German

&# 8220; Knockin` On Heaven's Door&# 8221; (1997, directed by Thomas Jahn)

That good road movies can arise only in the US, this bittersweet tragicomedy from Germany disproved. Before Jan Josef Liefers Professor Boerne for &Crime scene; # 8220&# 8221; -TV crowd favorite climb, he immortalized himself on the side of til Schweiger in &# 8220; Knockin` On Heaven's Door&# 8221; on the big screen. In the debut film of Thomas Jahn he plays the diseased with cancer cowards Rudi, the (Til Schweiger) is dragged along on an adventurous journey of the terminally ill also Martin. The two companions in misfortune to break out of the hospital from stealing a gang a baby blue Mercedes and nozzle to the sea, which every man must have finally seen once in a lifetime.

Til Schweiger and Jan Josef Liefers in Knockin on Heaven's DoorRoad Movie Made in Germany: &# 8220; Knockin on Heaven&# 8217; s Door&# 8221; © Buena Vista

&# 8220; Knockin` On Heaven's Door&# 8221; is road movie, drama and comedy in one and has wonderful secondary characters like that of Moritz Bleibtreu played Gangster Abdul, the way the Kanak Sprak has brought to the big screen.

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64Knockin On Heavens Door - Trailer German

&# 8220; The Straight Story&# 8221; (1999, directed by David Lynch)

David Lynch is notorious for its enigmatic, often quite disturbing mystery films like &# 8220; Lost Highway&# 8221 ;, which are often difficult to grasp. An outlier in his work is the gentle and loving road movie &# 8220; The Straight Story&# 8221;, in his story and design unconditionally follows the its tracks.

The Straight StoryOn the lawn mower through the USA: &# 8220; The Straight Story&# 8221; © Universum

the true story of the pensioner Alvin is told (Richard Farnsworth) Who wants to reconcile with his estranged brother, after he has suffered a stroke. Since Alvin has no more license, he enters its journey on a lawnmower what David Lynch uses the opportunity to also tell his film in a very decelerated pace. A sometimes bizarre, but very touching film about the last journey of an old man who is ready for any adversity brave in the way.

&# 8220; The Straight Story&# 8221; DVD / Blu-ray on AmazonThe ten best road movies of all time*The ten best road movies of all time

53The Straight Story - Trailer German

&# 8220; About Schmidt&# 8221; (2002, directed by Alexander Payne)

The legendary actor Jack Nicholson waived in Alexander Paynes road movie &# 8220; About Schmidt&# 8221; his distinctive, sometimes diabolical grin and delivers a quiet and extremely truthful presentation. He plays the lonely pensioners Warren Schmidt, which (in his motor home on the journey to his estranged daughterHope Davis) Power that is in the course to marry her unsuccessful friend, Warren can not stand. On the journey Warren encountered a life that he did not know in his previous quiet-stuffy world and stumbles from one blunder to another.

Jack Nicholson in About SchmidtJack Nicholson in an unusual pose in &# 8220; About Schmidt&# 8221; © Warner

Jack Nicholson never gives the unworldly, former insurance agent to ridicule and thereby gives it the dignity of a sincere loser, making these seniors variant of road movies worth seeing.

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49About Schmidt - Trailer english

&# 8220; Little Miss Sunshine&# 8221; (2006, directed by Jonathan Dyton, Valerie Faris)

It has to prove on the highway not always about murder and homicide, as this wonderful pearl of independent cinema. &# 8220; Little Miss Sunshine&# 8221; is a heartwarming feel-good film (the story of the little OliveAbigail Breslin) Tells that desperately wants to take part in a beauty contest. On the trip to Los Angeles for the final round it goes into a rickety VW bus, but for the real problems while driving the eccentric characters of Olives family are responsible.

Little Miss SunshineFeel Food film of all first-class: &# 8220; Little Miss Sunshine&# 8221; © 20th Century Fox

Especially Alan Arkin provides as unruly grandfather a wonderful idea, and the rest of the cast (Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear) Ensures that this loving road movie can put a smile on the lips and in the tenth sighting the viewer.

&# 8220; Little Miss Sunshine&# 8221; DVD / Blu-ray on AmazonThe ten best road movies of all time*The ten best road movies of all time

431Little Miss Sunshine - Trailer German

So they were, our ten most essential road movies. We hope it was something for you. We look forward to further suggestions in the comments!

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