Total War – Rome 2 review: Slowly but surely, to rule the world (+ Free)

Total War - Rome 2 review: Slowly but surely, to rule the world (+ Free)

Small confession anticipated. There are a handful of games for which I lied before. So no right, evil lies, but rather small, genuschelte into the phone untruths. The "Total War" series is one of those games. For "Medieval" and "Rome" I am at that time gone on appointment corpses have canceled urgent obligations in the short term or even wild excuses invented - all just so I could still tinker a few laps on my empire. Probably that's about the biggest compliment I can ever make the "Total War" series - it has made me a couch potato unreliable. What the now eighth album, "Total War &# 8211; Rome 2 has done to me, "you are experiencing now in our test.

So much already: Lies I did not have this time. "Total War &# 8211; Rome 2 "Although unfolds the good old vortex of complex imperial administration and exciting staged real-time battles, new white lies it was not enough this time completely. For this developer Creative Assembly too little torn up a few windows - real innovations are in "Total War &# 8211; Rome 2 "in short supply.


4095Rome 2 - Video ReviewWait a minute, are now some rebel loyal watchdogs &# 8211; there are massive changes in "Rome 2". Yes true, there is. The list of changes is even extremely long.

All four sides have sent us the awful nice Geschichtsnerds from Creative Assembly. However, the majority of developers working depleted in barely visible detail adjustments, or the careful readjustment long-known mechanisms. also alleged trifles that massively on the feel and the basic concepts can affect, be not denied at this point. You do the same. Just goes "Rome 2" level in comparison with the previous album "Shogun 2" up the spirit of a remarkable progress or meaningful consolidation.

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Total War: Rome 2 test &# 8211; what's New?

Let's explore the most important changes once. On the campaign map again unbeatable old "Total War" -Trott prevails: collect taxes, building pull, fill war chest to avert famine, subjects meet, make commodities locate and send out special units with special orders.

Total War - Rome 2 review: Slowly but surely, to rule the world (+ Free)

Only at second glance, the changes the developer significantly. The total of 183 regions in the giant world map are now combined in 57 provinces. Once you have placed all the regions of a province in your possession, you can now adopt particularly powerful edicts. Bring fette Boni with it and make the main lever on the road to empire. The provinces are meaningful innovation that not only mean a little bit more strategic depth, but bring especially later in the game a little more comfort during micro-management in terms ,

Total War - Rome 2 review: Slowly but surely, to rule the world (+ Free)Also new is the special focus on the cultural, economic and military differences between the factions. The individual advantages and disadvantages of the nine playable factions (pre-orders get three more added) play in "Rome 2" is now a weiteaus more important role than in the predecessors.

Not only Startpost ions, special forces and the diplomatic options in the world system also differ in the structure part of the game, during the occupation of enemy cities from different cultural backgrounds and of course in the war itself, these cultural characteristics now express much stronger.

Total War - Rome 2 review: Slowly but surely, to rule the world (+ Free)Too beautiful! The campaign map is once again the jewel.

The barbarian tribes have as advantages in recruiting units and in morale, while the Romans enjoy clear advantages in large cities and growing faster. All this increases the traditionally exorbitant counterpart value of the game again and also provides additional long-term motivation. I wanted to also slip time under the fur of the barbarian Gauls and the shields of the warmongering Spartans after my first campaign under the banner of a Roman family absolutely. Since the nine factions get issued, different missions and victory conditions in their campaigns and they are also great adapted to the particular historical context of the Group, is the development of cultural differences in "Rome 2" represents the best overall change.

But Creative Assembly is not only a little more playful variation us some familiar freedoms in the development of our provinces are also put back the players. Already at the beginning now compels you to kingdom managers from real policy decisions.

 Economy, culture, military &# 8211; Which way to Rome?

Economic, cultural, military - which direction we choose, which now plays in the construction and research of "Rome 2" a somewhat larger role. Since certain buildings and technologies influence each other and the culture played has a great impact on these elements, the whole remains layered and complex, despite the streamlining.

Total War - Rome 2 review: Slowly but surely, to rule the world (+ Free)Distinction: Which faction you play, which now has more weight.

And the real-time battles? Again, there are many changes, here they are slowly tangible. However, those who marched negligently drauflos which will certainly track down the fastest. Generals who ignore the weaknesses and strengths of their own units or do not use to their advantage the tactical options of the cards are wasted in "Rome 2" despite military superiority ever complete. Even small changes like real sight lines will first be internalized before riding with the revised combat system for the first victory.

Total War - Rome 2 review: Slowly but surely, to rule the world (+ Free)Over the prior large-touted new feature of the integrated land and sea battles - both can now take place simultaneously on a map - I can honestly say not so much here. During my campaigns it just rarely came to this situation. But then the new feature worked smoothly and always has a nice complement.

That the 3D real-time battles a stately little look in "Rome 2" once again better, more detailed and more beautiful, can almost be exposed as a series feature. Creative Assembly shall, after regularly here. Also, "Rome 2" can shine in a contemporary effect fireworks when hammering the grinding soundtracks spectacular battles. Positive I noticed also that the cards now all look a bit more natural and reflect the realities on the campaign map convincing.

The old weaknesses are the new

No positive development, there is to be noted at the well-known weaknesses of the series - the AI ​​and the loading times.

The AI ​​of "Total War" has taken a beating over again in the past. Those who are very angry about occasional lapses of artificial opponent, who will come in "Rome 2" back on his expenses. Whether the AI ​​attacking me despite hopeful loose inferiority equal to three times in my town and thus destroyed natural or my unit in real-time combat suddenly flees for some unknown reason to panic &# 8211; perfect human and the AI ​​still does not act. but I had less fun therefore not personally.

Total War - Rome 2 review: Slowly but surely, to rule the world (+ Free)

Unfortunately, the load times are still a bit too long for my taste. Both on the campaign map, so at the troop movements of the computer opponent, and in the transition to the real-time battles Creative Assembly directed us one or another little break too much one. Since our trial but otherwise very stable ran and I got used to the epic loads a long time ago, I can also still turn a blind eye.


Oh, dear, I'm back and forth torn. "Total War: Rome 2" surprised me neither positive, nor has it disappointed me in some way. It's just the logical consequence of a series that wants a bit better slowly but surely with each new extraction. A commendable approach that characterizes the makers of premium strategy title for many years. But this time was me develop a bit too slow and too sure of equip.

True innovations and direct intervention in the game mechanics such as recently in "Empire" lacks "Rome 2". In direct comparison with the more consolidated predecessor "Shogun 2" makes Creative Assembly then sometimes even minor setbacks. The general trapping the historical era on the graphical style, short video sequences or the design of the menu I liked in "Shogun 2" last bit better.

speaks for "Rome 2" is that it draws again polished, round again works with many small, but consistently fine changes to the basic concept into battle. The addictive pleasure in this brilliant game concept is already strong. By far the biggest appeal of "Rome 2" was for me this time however, is my favorite part of the series - to see finally shine in the splendor of the years of experience and technical competence of the series - the first "Rome".

In short, "Total War: Rome 2" has to do without fresh air, but make sure no errors in the implementation of the old strengths.

Total War - Rome 2 review: Slowly but surely, to rule the world (+ Free)

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