Basketball today: Germany – Spain follow the live stream online (EM 2017/4 final)

The European Basketball Championships goes for Germany today in the next round. The game board represents the DBB the game in the quarterfinals. Opponent is the selection of Spain. You can follow online the match between Germany and Spain in the live stream.

On free TV, there is no live broadcast of the European Basketball Championship in 2017. Instead, Telekom will show the European Championship matches 2017 live stream. you can turn on the offer of Telekom sport. It starts with the live broadcast of Germany &# 8211; Spain live stream from the European Basketball Championship 2017 at 17:45.

Basketball live at Telekom Sports*

Basketball Championship 2017 today: Germany - Spain live stream at Telekom Sports

The opening game of the DBB could decide for themselves. In the first game on Thursday, there was a 75: 63-victory against Ukraine. In the second game, you as the winner out of the hall (57:67 against Georgia). Only in the third game followed a narrow defeat against hosts Israel. In the second round, there was a surprising victory against the highly favored selection from France. Today, waiting for the German national basketball team from Spain. The results of the German group games at a glance:

Germany &# 8211; UkraineThursday 31.08Tel Aviv14:4575:63
Georgia - GermanySat 02:09Tel Aviv14:4557:67
Germany &# 8211; IsraelSun 03:09Tel Aviv20:3080:82
Italy - GermanyTues 09.05Tel Aviv17:3055:61
Germany &# 8211; LithuaniaWed 06:09Tel Aviv13:4572:89

For the DBB it was the first knockout round feeder at a European Championship for ten years at the tournament. On Tuesday, September 12, but is waiting with the European title defense a tough nut to crack. Spain sat down in the second round against host Turkey 73:56 by. Spain has been able to decide all games in the European Basketball Championship for itself. So far, Germany and Spain met each other 31 times. Only five times won the German basketball players, 26 times the Spaniards went win the match. In the last European Championship, Germany Spain was beaten in Berlin and thus failed to reach the knockout stages.

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Basketball Championship 2017 today: Germany - Spain follow the live stream online

The European Basketball Championships (Euro Basket) will be held in 2017, the 40th time. Start of the tournament was 31 August. is wearing the tournament in Romania (Cluj-Napoca), Finland (Helsinki), Israel (Tel Aviv) and Turkey (Istanbul). The final round will be held in Turkey. Germany plays in the group stage in Israel. Star in DBB squad is Dennis Schroeder, who is in the US for the NBA Atlanta Hawks on basket hunt. Other performers are Paul Zipser (Chicago Bulls), Tibor Pleiß (Galatasaray) and Maodo Lo (Brose Bamberg).


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Schedule for the European Basketball Championship in 2017 with all results

Groups Overview

Group A (Helsinki)

1.Slovenia50446: 38410
SecondFinland41426: 4089
ThirdFrance32450: 4228th
4thGreece23431: 4007
5thPoland14411: 4146
6thIceland05355: 4815

Group B (Tel Aviv)

1.Lithuania41426: 3599
SecondGermany32355: 3468th
ThirdItaly32346: 3228th
4thUkraine23367: 3927
5thGeorgia23390: 3947
6thIsrael14358: 4296

Group C (Cluj-Napoca)

1.Spain50449: 30310
SecondCroatia41397: 3369
ThirdMontenegro32378: 3678th
4thHungary23335: 3707
5thCzech Republic14356: 4416
6thRomania05316: 4145

Group D (Istanbul)

1.Latvia41444: 3969
SecondSerbia41400: 3539
ThirdRussia41378: 3669
4thTurkey23388: 3807
5thBelgium14353: 4106
6thGreat Britain05390: 4480

second round

  • Slovenia &# 8211; Ukraine 79:55
  • Germany &# 8211; France 84:81
  • Finland - Italy 57:70
  • Lithuania &# 8211; Greece 64:77
  • Latvia &# 8211; Montenegro 100: 68
  • Serbia &# 8211; Hungary 86:78
  • Spain &# 8211; Turkey 73:56
  • Croatia &# 8211; Russia 78: 101


  • Germany &# 8211; Spain today in the live stream at 17:45
  • Slovenia &# 8211; Latvia (20:30)
  • Greece &# 8211; Russia (Wednesday, 13 September 17:45)
  • Italy &# 8211; Serbia (Wednesday, 13 September 20:30)

you can receive the live broadcasts of the European Basketball Championship 2017 live stream and TV via Telekom sport. Telekom customers can access the transmitter via EntertainTV. Even without telecom contract but access is possible separately. You can also follow the transmissions on the Android smartphone and tablet, iPhone and iPad via their apps.


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