Sneaky Pete in the Stream: Where to stream the series in German?

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At Sneaky Pete is now one of the most successful series of Amazon - despite its bumpy history. It belongs to The Man in the High Castle for the first day's most-watched original series Amazon. We tell you in this article, where you can stream the first season.

Sneaky Pete in the Stream: Where to stream the series in German?

Ideas behind the series are none other than David Shore and Bryan Cranston, who even plays a supporting role in the first season. With Giovanni Ribisi in the leading role, you have the perfect cast for the character of Marius Josipovic. Where you get to see his acting in Sneaky Pete, learn it here.

2223Sneaky Pete - Trailer

Sneaky Pete stream on Amazon*

Sneaky Pete stream on Amazon

In the crime drama is an Amazon's own production. This means you can stream the series only through Amazon. On February 17, 2017 all ten episodes of the first season went live. Episode 1, there are even free. For everything else you need an Amazon Prime account. The first 30 days are free, however, so you can test even the service. After this fall for the membership fee of 69 euros per month. Here is the link to:

Sneaky Pete stream on Amazon - free for 30 days*

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And here you learn whether there will be a second season of Sneaky Pete.

Sneaky Pete: The long road to success

With the success that the series is currently celebrating it's hard to believe that she would have no beginning. as early as 2015 became a Pilot episode turned off for the CBS. but then the station decided not to order a complete season. So Amazon took on the series. After the pilot was on 06 August 2015 on Amazon Video available, Amazon had to decide whether they want to see more of Sneaky Pete or Casanova Untold viewers.

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The audience chose the story of the trick fraudster Marius who is dismissed in prison after several years. Since it because of a huge amount of debt the crime boss Vince Lonigan - played by Bryan Cranston - compared to not go back into the can an old life, he decides to assume the identity of his former cellmate Pete Murpyh. After Pete's family has not seen it for 20 years, they actually believe that they are at Marius to Pete - at the beginning. Gradually, you begin to be skeptical and to ask awkward questions. Pete escapes with a falsehood after another in a lying maze.