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A PC without a graphics card is like a car without gears. The graphics card brings the image on the monitor. Those who have a high-end device in his computer, can also enjoy the best graphic effects in games. If there are errors in the presentation, you should update the graphics card driver.

So you can update graphics card drivers

Depending on the operating system and graphics card manufacturer, the process of how to update the graphics card driver is different.

So you can update graphics card drivers

update graphics drivers for Windows

Normally updates to the graphics card drivers are automatically set up with Windows Update. If the Windows Update not be set, proceed as follows:

  1. About the Windows button and the "All Programs" to reach the selection "Windows Update".
  2. Here you can "Check for updates".
  3. After a short setup time optional updates are displayed that are available.
  4. After clicking on "Optional" one goes on a search for the drivers of the graphics card manufacturer.
  5. As a rule, one should look here for drivers with the manufacturer's name Intel, AMD, ATI or NVIDIA.
  6. A new driver is found, it can be installed with the "OK" button.
  7. "Install Updates" After clicking on the new graphics card driver is set up.
  8. The system must then be restarted once.

nvidia-driver downloads

Update video card drivers: AMD, NVIDIA and Intel

Alternatively, you can install the graphics card driver manually.

  • ATI
  • NVIDIA GeForce
  • Intel

ati graphics card

  1. If the drivers are once downloaded, they can be installed with a double click.
  2. If a Windows warning appears, you can confirm with this "Install this driver software anyway".
  3. Selects the desired type of installation.
  4. In general, the "express" setting is recommended.
  5. However, you should check in each menu if unintended, additional tools are installed.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation and restarts the PC.
  7. become. After setting up any screen resolution and other graphics options must be neuangegeben.
  8. Click this: Right click on the desktop and select "Customize".
  9. The recommended resolution for flat screens is usually "1280 x 1024 pixels."

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