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Who delve into developments in the Internet, will sooner or later come across the term "Streisand effect". This phenomenon has an origin in the network world, numerous examples of the Streisand effect can be found online. Here you learn what is behind the "Streisand effect" and what examples are there for this.

It was originally the phenomenon in 2003. As the name suggests, the effect is due to the popular singer Barbara Streisand.

What is the Streisand Effect?

shutterstock_93594034The starting point for the effect are aerial photographs, the photographer who shot the property Streisand and posted online along with numerous other images. Barbara Streisand asked the photographer to stop taking the picture again offline - this is where the Streisand Effect began.

Seemed the picture initially rather uninteresting, the recordings were only known to the public after the call Streisand. In the course of Streisand's approach, the image has been widely shared online on different platforms. The photographer Kenneth Adelman did not shoot the picture of the property in addition to 12,000 other pictures only of geographical interest in the Callifornia Coastline Records Project, and to map Streisand's estate. Only after Barbara Streisand wanted to sue the photographer to $ 50 million, it was announced that the photo was also the home of Streisand on the coast of California.

Definition Streisand Effect: Trying to want to delete information online has the opposite effect - the image / text / similar content are much more divided after the call and thus made known to the public.Start Photogallery(16 images)SMS from last night: The 15 most embarrassing gaffe

Streisand Effect: Examples

The Streisand Effect followed by other examples in which institutions and individuals tried similarly to remove content from the network, which were then known only to a large public.

  • In 2009, the German Bahn AG warned from the blogger Markus Beckedahl (power politics) because these internal railway documents had been published. After the warning, the documents were accessed only increased.
  • From the recent past is another example of the "Streisand effect" from comes. End of July 2015 determined the attorney general for treason. This was due to the publication of documents of the secret service. Here, too, the public interest grew on the documents only after the investigation into the blog became known.
  • On various websites is a secret HD DVD key, which should be removed found. As a result of Verbannungsversuchs the code on a variety of other blogs, websites and in other media was such. B. lyrics widespread.
  • Recent example of the Streisand Effect is the demand of a Spaniard who did not want to see in connection with certain results his name. The Spaniard sat before the ECJ by the right to be forgotten, as a result must be the Google users the opportunity to delete search results with respect to the own name. According to the complaint of the Spaniard this gained worldwide popularity, the reason for its deletion request became public.
  • 2012 Essen traffic AG wanted to ban ( "EVAG") hashtag "EVAG" on Twitter. The corresponding Tweet however, was directed only at a satirical account that makes fun of various operators of public transport, including those very EVAG, funny. The Twitter community shot himself one against the EVAG and placed themselves numerous satirical tweets with that very hashtag so #evag was at times even the most used hashtag in the Twitter charts.
  • In 2006, the German comedian Atze Schröder took action against the Weser-Kurier, because the newspaper mentioned his real name. Was the real name before hardly anyone known and have been flogged and on the newspaper report little, the information about the real name following the action Schroeder spread significantly.
  • In 2013, the French intelligence General Directorate for Internal Security (DCRI) wanted to delete Haute a Wikipedia article on the military radio station Pierer sur. After the Wikipedia operator of the call initially did not comply, volunteers of the French offshoot were cited for the secret service to be forced to delete the article. the corresponding entry has been deleted under the pressure of the officials. Within a few hours the information was however grudge again outside France. Interested before deletion nobody in the article, the contribution after the first cancellation was a thousand times clicked and also launched for international Wikipedia offshoot in other languages.

The Streisand effect is therefore a clear example of the loss of control over information and content in public spaces, such as the Internet represents in digital form.


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