Refrigerator give correct: order on the system

Food should be stored at different temperatures, so they stay fresh and retain their flavor. But where are milk, meat, vegetables and Co. in the refrigerator? In what zone which foods best holds and how their optimum gives the refrigerator, you experience below.

Grant with a system - that's easier than many think. The refrigerator is divided into different temperature zones, which are tuned to different foods.

Refrigerator give correct - Here&# 8217; s

Do you want to fill your refrigerator, the proper placement of milk, meat and other products ensures that your food stays fresh longer.

  • On the top shelf, it is at its warmest, the bottom shelf coldest. With the exception of the freezer compartment, if present in the upper part of the fridge.
  • The vegetable compartment is an exception.

We have for you an overview of where what foods are best stored:

top shelf8 ° CJars (pickles, preserves), tropical fruits, sweets, prepared food, hard cheese
middle shelvesabout 4-5 ° CCheese, yogurt, pudding, cottage cheese, milk
bottom shelfabout 0-5 ° CMeat, fish, seafood. sausage
Zero degree compartmentabout 0 ° Cfruit and vegetables
crisper6-8 ° CFruit and vegetables (except tomatoes, potatoes, exotic fruits)
refrigerator door10-15 ° CButter, eggs (above)
Dressings, jams (middle)
Beverage (below)
Refrigerator give correct: order on the system© Welthungerhilfe

If the vegetable compartment full, you can give this in the bottom shelf. This is also used when you want to defrost gently. Long-life foodstuffs can you place further back, the easier to keep track.

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Zero degree compartment

Modern refrigerators Bosch, Siemens and other brands are often equipped with a zero degree compartment. Here there is next to the cool temperature and a very high humidity. This ensures that vegetables stay fresh longer.

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This does not belong in the refrigerator

Not every food remains fresh in the fridge automatically.

  • thus, tomatoes and potatoes lose their flavor, exotic fruits like Lemons, melons, bananas but also onions are sensitive to cold and should be stored outside the refrigerator.
  • Generally taboo is also vegetables with high water content as well cucumbers or eggplant
  • Also loaf should not be stored in the refrigerator is best, as it loses its flavor here. More suitable are breadbaskets.

Danger: apples and tomatoes should be aufbewart separate from other fruits. They mature gradually ensure that destroy other crops faster. Unless you still unripe fruit to ripen, then places apples to to promote the maturation faster.


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