Amazon Echo: the best hacks and tricks for Alexa

Amazon Echo can have a good deal &# 8211; but it's still better. We show you the best echo hacks and tricks that ye facilitates the life and operation of the controlled by voice assistant Alexa simplified.

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Since February 2017, customers can order the smart voice-activated speaker Amazon Echo (and the smaller version Echo Dot) in the shop Amazon and break into the brave new smart home world. convince in the test response and the assistant Alexa feature-rich, easy setup and intuitive operation with your own voice. As so often, there are still some practical tricks that are not apparent at first glance &# 8211; We show you the most Amazon Echo hacks, of which you have never knew that you absolutely need it.

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Amazon Echo hacks: the best tricks for Alexa

Here are some handy hacks that can make it in the settings by Alexa. Your needs the Amazon Alexa app, can the ye free download for Android smartphones or iOS.

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Language Training:

  • Go to the main menu in the settings and types have a workout on language.
  • Now you have several sets say into the microphone to improve voice recognition by Alexa.

Delete voice recordings

Alexa hears known always, and you give to the echo speaker and the commands are stored. However, you can delete these recordings.

  • Go to the settings and tip under the heading General History.
  • Here you can see all the shots now &# 8211; to clear their taps voice recordings and then delete your recording to the election.

For manual in the app

If you have even a problem or a question, you can also access via app on the Amazon Echo User Guide.

  • Opens the settings and types of help and feedback.
  • Now you can find the user manuals for Alexa, Echo and Echo Dot.

Google Calendar and Microsoft account Add

You can make your Alexa personal secretary and associate with the Google calendar. This will automatically synchronize all appointments that her one-projects.

  • Go into the settings.
  • Tap on Calendar, then click Google and then link to a Google Calendar account again.
  • then give a your login information and follow the instructions of the app.
  • The same works now the way with your Microsoft account.

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Amazon Echo Hack: listening and user eavesdrop possible?

The Amazon Echo speakers know, is always turned on to receive voice commands from the user. This raises a lot of people, of course, the fear of a comprehensive monitoring. A question that comes up here again and again: Is it possible to hack Amazon Echo and then listen in without authorization?

Apparently, the fear is not that far-fetched. Security researcher Mark Barnes the company MWR Infosecurity could chop the speakers by he removed the bottom and thus gained access to the firmware. He then installed the hack that left no visible marks and allowed him to constantly listen in.

The only consolation - so basically the same as in a classic Bug To chop the echo speaker in this way, you need physical access to the device. Is reassuring notion that anyone could listen in, of course, still not exactly&# 8230;

Even more tricks and hacks Alexa for Amazon Echo

If you're a little mood or craft brings a bit of time, you can still get a lot more out of the Amazon Echo.

  • With the Webdiebst IFTTT you can expand almost at the functions of the speaker. Look to our guide: IFTTT connect to Amazon Echo &# 8211; Alexa is the mastermind.
  • In addition, her Amazon Echo profiles can be used with several people.
  • Technical users an Amazon echo with the Raspberry Pi can build themselves.
  • If you only have the small echo Dot, you can echo the Amazon with a Bluetooth speaker connect.
  • Funny the joke questions that you can ask to have Alexa.

Overall, there are so quite a lot of what you can do it with Alexa and the echo speaker. also writes us if you've even figured out a useful trick that the world should definitely know.

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