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Especially in the net one encounters at every turn on abbreviations whose meaning is not obvious at first glance. So you have to think not wasting too much time, we have prepared some definitions and explanations of chat abbreviations for you. A term that finds himself regularly is "RSVP".

What's "RSVP" now?

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r.s.v.p .: What does that mean?

The abbreviation "RSVP" can have several meanings. Which definition applies, depends on the context in which the term appears.

  • Pushes her to "RSVP" in the context of an invitation, or meeting announcement, the abbreviation of the French language is due.
  • "R.s.v.p." then means literally 'Répondez s'il vous plaît."
  • Translated, this means "To answer will be."
  • Although the abbreviation of the French originates, "RSVP" is still used internationally around the world, that is found, for. As well as on invitations in English.
  • In English, one often uses instead of "RSVP" on the abbreviation "u. A. w. G.".
  • Often another date is specified by using "r.s.v.p.". This then indicates by when your answer should ideally arrive at the author of the invitation.
  • Do you find the abbreviation accordingly on an invitation for you, you should the sender a reply using your coming or a rejection issue.

What's RSVP? Meaning and definition of the abbreviation

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RSVP: meaning and definition of the abbreviation

Even with the use of the computer there is a file or a process called "Rsvp.exe". Have you picked up the abbreviation here, you have found one belonging to Windows file. It is a system file that should not be deleted.

With us you will find many more definitions and explanations of abbreviations.

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