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"A voyage that is funny," says a well-known folk song - the business on the high seas, however, is tough and requires good planning. Fur Seal Martin reveals in the test to TransOcean 2: Rivals how to still can have fun with the business simulation.

TransOcean 2 in the test: How I became the ruler of the seven seas

Every time someone lights his cigarette on one of the candle, a sailor dies. Even today I hear that phrase quite often and now is dug in his pocket for a lighter or matches. I personally liked this superstition also liked to me a friend from Hamburg clarified the truth behind the set. Which is namely not as romantic as it may sound.

Sailors of all had earlier low incomes and therefore presented in the free time ago matches and sold them to ensure their survival. Who now but used the candle for the cigarette, apparently stingy and could presumably be a sailor starve it. Well, apart from the fact that people at sea produces no matches today also no sailor would thus be helped if we would apply instead to the candle to lighter in our modern times.

Still, it's not so surprising that this myth is still so widespread: the majority of us he has no real idea of ​​what tasks sailors actually have and are now shipped as goods. An insight into this quite exciting world are TransOcean 2: Rivals. In the simulation, we assume a shipping company and must try to lead them to success.

1682TransOcean 2: Rivals - Official Release Trailer

Sea transport with a lot of micromanagement

When I have to choose one of more than 60 ports me at the beginning of the game, my choice is very clear on Hamburg. I know the cool pearl in the north pretty good. Hamburg as a Hanseatic city has a long history as a trading center. And in Germany there is hardly any other place that so much expresses the longing for the distance. Yes, this is where my headquarters to be built.

For an economic simulation is somewhat surprising the level of activity. In TransOcean 2: Rivals fixed routes are less planned, but we move our ships only from port to port, where they lead to trade through. From a clear order list, is easily the pick out what we want to convey. Sometimes there are strikes. Then we can decide whether we want to wait, or maneuver the ship itself to the target position. For that you need patience though, but it's surprisingly fun.

In each port we need to find the right jobs ahead: How long do I have to supply what punishment threatens me every day, I should not be able to meet the deadline? I increase the speed, fuel consumption increases massively - in some cities, in turn, I can only come to expensive oil. Although a few elements have been greatly simplified, the game offers a total of a lot of depth.

We spend Rivals on this map: Most of the time the lot with TransOcean secondWe spend Rivals on this map: Most of the time the lot with TransOcean second

Competition stimulates business

Incidentally, there are bulk carriers, container ships and tankers, each with different strengths and weaknesses: With bulk carriers we make, for example, popular in the region and may take over lucrative businesses in return - including, without limitation shipyards, refineries and factories. All ships can be improved, but also need to be serviced every now and then. we ignore the repair, our ship may even decline.

Includes three different modes. The short campaign consists of six missions that are both a tutorial and training. Here, then, all the features and game mechanics are explained, in addition, there are again three different goals - and for the gold medal, waving in achieving all the goals, we must put forward over backward. There are also the obligatory continuous game and a brand new competition mode.

In the competition mode is fought in four rounds against the competition for the most victory points. we get some of these points to our progress - for example for the installation of plants. To the remaining points we compete with the other players that can also be controlled by the CPU. Even sabotage is possible. Using this version of the game is also the subtitle of the game explains the rival element is new in TransOcean second

77TransOcean 2: Rivals - Tutorial Trailer # 3 - Multiplayer

Take a rest

What the gameplay experience at the moment clouded, various bugs: In one case, my score was damaged, so that ships were in a permanent loading process. but most beginners should frustrate a completely different error. Basically running TransOcean 2: Rivals in real time. This is particularly important for the multiplayer mode in which of course no one wants to be interrupted by eventual pause the game by another player. These rounds are also limited to two hours and in that time our shipping company is not growing as massive.

Let's play but alone against the computer, we naturally want to pause the game to study in peace the orders and command our ships. Without a pause function, it is hardly possible to control a fleet of more than five ships. We achieve this at present but only through a non-documented trick: Twice click the space bar. This error is hopefully resolved. And that would be in keeping with the developers. Currently namely piling up the critical reviews of TransOcean 2: Rivals who just chalk up the most Henden stress while playing. With a pause function rest would come again.

The companies regularly bring good money and are thus either too powerful or get too easy.The companies regularly bring good money and are thus either too powerful or get too easy.

From Hamburg, I have built up my shipping empire. First I laid me in the North and Central Europe. I clawed me the rest and stretched my activities in Africa and North America. In between, I had enough change to buy me for many millions of euros, the really big ships. So I planned alongside semi-automatic routes across five stations to Asia.

And so I was in spite of minor difficulties then still the ruler of the seven seas. At first I could hardly keep up with the pace of the game and was constantly stressed. Here me just seemed the transport by ship as rather quiet business. Thanks to the pause function but my victory was nothing in the way - almost easier than taking away the lollipop a baby.

87TransOcean 2: Rivals - Tutorial Trailer # 5 - Region majorities

My Test Result to TransOcean 2: Rivals

TransOcean 2: Rivals still lacks the right balance: with break, it is too easy and without a break it's too hard. In its current form it is quite arcade-heavy for a simulation - but the basic concept is right. It simplifies in the right places, but has varied elements to keep us entertained.

Rivals order on Amazon: TransOcean 2*

Even controlling a ship in the event of a strike is fun, if you look for it admits: First, I found this feature that is quite corrosive. I almost always skipped and preferred to take the one day strike in purchase - including the possible penalty for a delay. Once my attempt was even canceled because ship and port were badly damaged. Meanwhile, I have the hang of it though.

Deck 13 is one of the studios, which have been known that they can no faulty games on the market. Rivals assumed that follow improvements to round out the experience: and so also in the case of TransOcean second Who like me like economic simulation that is purely foxes and can thus many friends have to become the largest shipping companies in the world.

The GIGA-Games-rating philosophy

Update: This test is based on the release version. Deck 13 has now announced that a patch for TransOcean 2: Rivals has appeared that should fix the problem with the break. The function affects only the single-player mode. In version 1.06, other bug fixes.

TransOcean 2: RivalsdownloadQR codeTransOcean 2: RivalsDeveloper: Deck13 HamburgPrice: € 24.99

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