Onda V919 Air CH: 9.7 inches Windows tablet presented 10

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With the Onda V919 Air CH the Chinese manufacturer has a new, quite interesting, Windows 10 introduced in tablet form factor of the iPad Air. 2 It boasts the latest technology, a compact design and a stylish design. Importers will offer this tablet certainly soon in Germany, as is the case with some other models of Onda. Especially the 4: 3 form factor could appeal to many buyers. Such tablets because there are hardly running the Windows operating system on the market.

Onda V919 Air CH: 9.7 inches Windows tablet presented 10

Onda V919 Air CH Intel Atom processor x5

The new Onda V919 Air CH is also directly connected to the latest generation of Intel Atom processors. Is installed namely atom x5-Z8500 quad-core processor, which is then also supported directly by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. Such configurations are slowly but surely also with Atom Tablets used what users should look forward to. Asus offers the T100HA z. As well as with 4GB RAM and even 128GB of internal storage. So you away some of the saving trend that was last tracked increased.

Onda V919 Air CH_04

The 9.7-inch display has 2048 x 1536 pixels, and this offers a very high pixel density and sharp display. So it comes down to an aspect ratio of 4: 3, which is very rare among Windows tablets. Compared to its predecessor, the tablet is much thinner, which can be particularly very well see in the second picture, and with 450 grams lighter and 40%. The runtime will still be quite good although there no exact details are known.

News is not yet known when the Onda V919 Air CH will be available and what it costs. It also lacks information on connections. It is unclear whether it continues to focus on micro-USB 2.0 or possibly even USB Type C. The latter is likely to offer at such a tablet perfectly. The price is likely to move safely at around € 200 to 300 €. Once the Chinese traders circumvent the tablet, we will report again about it.

Would you have interest in Onda V919 Air CH?

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