Clash of Clans-Valkyrie: Information about the rare unity

The Valkyrie gets probably the price for the least-used unit in Clash of Clans, the popular Android and iOS strategy game app. The fighter with the ax from the dark barracks is not very often found in use on the battlefield. We have collected information and strategic advice to this underrepresented master of melee damage in Clash of Clans. 

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It seems as if the main application of the Clash of Clans-Valkyrie the defense of one's own village as a unit in the communities castle. Anyway, it is a rarely encountered troops in the various conceptions attack. One reason for this may be that it requires lots of dark elixir claimed relatively long training time and their upgrades in the lab are also very expensive.

Clash of Clans-Valkyrie: You and how many of your friends?

Judging by the above-mentioned disadvantages regarding the expenditure of elixir and time required for the formation of a Valkyrie, their performance on the battlefield are not really impressive. You could basically say there is really nothing that could cause three Valkyries, the one P.E.K.K.A. can not do the same. Nevertheless, there are also some types of attacks that are published by players in which large groups of Valkyries are used, because of course it also has good properties:

clash of clans valkyrie

  • Compared with other ground-combat units, the Walkiire at a speed of 24 is very fast, barbarians e.g. 16th
  • She holds out a lot and loves the slaughter in mid-battle. Potentially they are thanks to their cyclone in a position to make a complete clan castle crew finished off.
  • You do not like heroes, they are employed in addition to a barbarian king, the problem should be dealt with quickly.
  • It is particularly effective in the destruction of exteriors and can thus support other troops in arriving quickly inside.

 Development and upgrade of the Clash of Clans-Valkyrie in the overview:

Leveldevelopment costsdevelopment timetraining costsRequired laboratory leveldamagehit points
250,00010 days100699990
360,00012 days14071111100
470,00014 days16071241200

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